Hands-on with the PS3 2.20 update -- and now, we wait

Engadget HD takes the new BD-Live piece of the PS3 2.20 update for a trial run:

"Okay, so we dutifully updated our PS3 software to version 2.20, and took it for a quick spin. Granted, the removal fof portable copy from the release lowered our expectations, but we really wanted to see what BD-Live is all about. During the install, we got a dialog to "... allow Internet connection from BDs" that got our attention. Hello, BD-Live! The number of discs with BD-Live content makes for slim pickings, but we popped in a copy of "War." Based on what we've seen, you can strike this title off the Profile 2.0 list -- despite what we'd heard before about this being a BD-Live title, we didn't notice any special extras on our updated PS3. What's worse is that we found it impossible to get the "Resume play" function to work with this title. The feature did work just fine on other discs, however, and is a welcome addition to our fragmented lifestyle. We'll hold off on a verdict until more BD-Live content becomes available, meanwhile perhaps we'll try to grab a copy of the other only BD-Live disc, Saw IV, and see if our BD-Live Easter Egg hunt continues. "

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Silellak3764d ago

Regardless of whether or not the movies are there yet, it's pretty cool that the PS3 is upgradeable in this regard.

I can't imagine the uproar if people had bought a PS3 last year only to find it didn't have the features of the next generation of stand-alone Blu-ray players.

MURKERR3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

cheapest most futureproof bluray player for movie buffs,nows the time!

but couldnt hd-dvd do this already?

wallace10003764d ago

It will be good once everything is finalized with blu-ray.

predator3764d ago

i thought no BD-Live discs are avaialbe till 8th April

gameraxis3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

But I am gonna make a point that it is so stupid when someone replies to somebody in the top 5 posts not even mentioning a related response. Are there that many people hungry for attention caring that their comment gets read??? Get a life. ( I only did it to make this point, so don't call hypocrisy [hy·poc·ri·sy - a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.] ) It just stinks when I want to respond to someone or read a response (like this site was intended for) and I or the other person has to scroll down through 40 attention hungry individuals to get to the message.

P.S. just so there is no misunderstanding, this wasn't directed to anyone in this particular post (unless you've done it before) why post this here then you ask??? because I though it would be a hot topic and more chance of the culprits seeing it.

GAME ON BROTHERS and sisters!!!


Skerj3764d ago

Why are they disappointed from the removal of portable copy if it wasn't confirmed in the firmware to begin with? Also wasn't it only a version of the movie on BD discs suitable for portable devices anyway? I could swear that's what was said in the past.

Marceles3764d ago

Exactly...another guy listening to rumors and getting mad at that they aren't true

SL1M DADDY3764d ago

Is based on movie to movie only. If the BD does not support it then it won't work anyway. As for the update, this is very exciting since it now shows how the PS3 is yet again the best and bigest bang for the buck in terms of BD players. Oh, and the resume anywhere feature, isn't that just for DVD and not BD?

predator3764d ago

no dude the resome play is for Blu-ray too i believe

PirateThom3764d ago

From the above report, it seems like it's Blu-ray rather than DVD.

The PS3 has a folder to save Blu-ray data, but nothing for DVD.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3764d ago

Since I really don't feel like reading this, I'm guessing this guy is complaining that we got the update early and that nothing atm supports BD-live. right?

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The story is too old to be commented.