Aonuma: I Want To Work On Things Other Than Zelda

Nintendo Life:
Eiji Aonuma has worked on the Zelda series for 15 years now, and has been responsible for some truly amazing entries in this beloved franchise. However, in a recent interview with EDGE magazine, he has revealed that he'd like to try other things before he retires:

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thehitman1993d ago

He shouldve been working on other things than zelda. Nintendo surely needs something more than just mario, zelda and metriod.

stragomccloud1993d ago

If you ever looked up all of Nintendo's IPs, I think you'll find they have a staggering number of them. That said, those 3 generally get the most time in the limelight.

Mr_Nuts1993d ago

Exactly they get the most attention and their other IPs don't get any attention at all

It's taken years to get a Pikman sequel, Luigis Mansion 2 was put on a hand-held, what about a new F-Zero game, Star Fox, Earthbound, Metroid, Chibi-Robo, Ice Climbers....I could go on

Raccoon1993d ago

Nintendo is beyond irrelevant to me. And I really enjoyed games like zelda, golden eye, star fox, Resident E. 4 and pikman but I can't buy a console to wait 5+ years to play 1 sequel...

Adamated1993d ago

@Raccoon The alternative to that is getting a game every single year and not putting quality development time into a new experience (ie, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, street fighter, ect.)

Granted, I don't care much for the wait either, but I do enjoy a quality game upon release.

ChickeyCantor1992d ago

If someone says "Pikman" one more time, I will hunt you down and murder your dog.

It's the same like those idiots who say "Windwalker" instead of Windwaker.

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Eyesoffiction1993d ago

I would love to see a game from him!

_QQ_1993d ago

Miyamoto r Iwata did say they would trust Retro with the Zelda franchise,after this WiiU title he should take a break and make a new game.

camel_toad1993d ago

Yeh I'd really like to see Retro's take on Zelda. A lot of other developers (Team Ninja) could have failed to deliver on something as great as Metroid but they really did it justice.

MilkMan1993d ago

Hey Nintendo, let this man be creative and come up with new IPs to blow our minds.

goldwyncq1993d ago

That's one major problem with Nintendo, they're still stuck with their old franchises with almost nothing new to offer. Mario and Zelda games are all good, but its about time for new games.

stragomccloud1993d ago

Why is it that no one thinks Nintendo ever makes new franchises? They have new franchises every few years, it's just they are consistently overshadowed by the more popular ones.

thehitman1993d ago

every few years? Thats almost on-par with MS status in terms of developing new IPs and I hold Nintendo to a higher standard than that considering they have more developer might. Sony dishes out new IPs more than once a year I see no reason why Nintendo isnt doing the same considering they been in the gaming market longer than Sony has.

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The story is too old to be commented.