The Last Of Us: 10 Reactions To This Truly Awesome Game

By Shaun Munro

The Last of Us is a game like no other. Naughty Dog has in recent years proven themselves a force majeure in the gaming world with their exemplary Uncharted franchise, but they truly take things to the next level with their latest, which is easily their best and most ambitious title to date. Though the post-apocalypse is a well-mined subject for action-based video games, The Last of Us carves out its own unique niche as a survival thriller that’s as intelligent and thoughtful as it is violent and action-packed.

Though we’re not even half-way through 2013 yet, and therefore still have big-hitters such as GTA V to come, this is a game so confidently composed that I fear not even Rockstar will be able to topple its place at the #1 spot. Not only that, though, this just might be the best game that the PS3 has ever seen, and given our impending transition to the PS4, it’s a suitable title to help see us out.

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Karpetburnz2015d ago

Man this game is sounds incredible, almost every critic is praising the game.

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Dynasty20212015d ago

It's got, what, 56 reviews on Metacritic.

27 of them so far are 100s. 25 are 90s and above. 4 are below 80, and only one is in the 70s (aka Polygon, aka dumbest reviewers around).

This could well become the greatest reviewed game ever created.

What PS3 owner wouldn't buy this?

I genuinely believe that if I don't get into a store friday morning, and only go after work, that shops will be out of stock.

medman2015d ago

Naughty Dog never fails to deliver the goods. Man, I can't wait to play this game.

skydragoonity2015d ago

I just pity xbox fans dey dunno wat dey missing