TeamXbox: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

TeamXbox writes: "It was a dark and stormy night. In fact, it seems wherever Skarin goes, it's dark and stormy-whether it's night or day. And wherever it's dark and stormy, Skarin will find nasty enemies he'll need to destroy and dismember in order to make the sun shine brightly over the land once more.

Indeed, that's somewhat how Viking: Battle for Asgard goes: Skarin happens upon a collection of zombie-like characters-sometimes with a group of captured ally soldiers caged or bound to a post-in an area that's seemingly in a perpetual state of overcast and downpour. When he manages to clear out the baddies and free his pals (who then become part of Skarin's growing army), the cloud cover also clears and the rain ends. It's the typical metaphor of evil-represented-by-bad-weather/good-represented-by-clear-skies."

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Ghoul3743d ago

i Honestly think ign underrated this game as it seems many have a good time with the game, and what else is a game for other then having fun playing it ???

i honestly think that gameratings only fall into account on multiplayer games where balancing, gameplay and connectivity is crucial for the game.

LastDance3742d ago

dude ...i saw a few ten minute video of this game. It does abosolutely NOTHING new what so ever.

Villagers wonder aimlessley completetly lifeless around villages. How about doing something next gen.. perhaps a living breathing village for once? instead of smoke and mirrors to PRETEND the village looks alive.

Animations were ugly and rough and you can forget attention to detail. invisible walls. this game is nothing new. I wouldnt call it next gen. Not by a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooong shot.

I didnt pay $1000au on my ps3 for crap like this that i could have played on my computer 5 years ago.

Bolts3742d ago

Creative Assembly need to go back to doing what they're good at, making PC historical RTS, 'cause their console games are nothing special. If they must do console games then perhaps a Rome RTS would play to their strengths more than this beat 'em up gore fest.

InMyOpinion3742d ago

I've played the game for several hours and it's a blast. It's one of those games you'll have a hard time putting down. It's like a mix between God of War, Fable and Oblivion(the environments). The fighting system gets better and better as you unlock new moves/combos. You encounter many different scenarios that requice different tactical approaches, which is one of my favourite parts of the game. I play lots and lots of games and I'm very picky. For me, fun factor is extremely important. Enough with the rant, just sit down and play it for an hour or so and you'll be hooked.

I'd give it 8,5/10.

bumnut3742d ago

i will buy it and decide for myself if it is good.

im going to trade r6v 1.3, oops i meant 2, for it which i completed in about 5 hours.

InMyOpinion3742d ago

Viking will at least give you around 20 hours before you complete it.

Cyan83133742d ago

Yes it does nothing new. It doesn't have mind-blowing grafics.

But what it does it does well. Great voice-acting. Fun hacking off limbs and seeing the blood splatter. A big barbarian viking sneaking around the Hel forces stabbing them in the back...

The only thing that's a little silly is rescue the quarry and lumbermill thats on two or three islands.. They all have em ? And everytime you save a village they won't help you until you do this one more, saving there lives wasn't enough, thing for them.

But it's fun. And thats what matters.