Next-Gen.Biz - DLC Battle: Rock Band Vs Guitar Hero

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Rock Band and Guitar Hero have fired their shots off at retail, but the battle is moving to downloadable content. Matt Matthews breaks down Activision and Harmonix's DLC battle with some delicious stats...

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have clearly changed the videogame industry. They are generating monster revenues, even measured against the big names of this hit-driven business. Former and new gamers alike are paying big to own a plastic guitar, creating a larger audience for other games and products down the line. Perhaps just as importantly, these games have become darlings of the music industry – witness Aerosmith's new Guitar Hero collection, due this summer.

All of that's quite interesting, but one angle that interests me is the downloadable content (DLC) that both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band are offering through Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace and Sony's PlayStation Store. Just like Valve built the strength of Steam on the success of Half-Life 2, so are console consumers being lured to accept the regular purchase of add-on content through these musical fantasy programs."

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PS360WII3766d ago

Naturally Rock Band will have more dlc. It's EA for goodness sake. Why have it in the original game when you can charge more for songs that could of been in when first released!

I think I might get the Wii version of Rock Band. That way I won't be swayed into much dlc. Plus I already have GH3 on the Wii so it would go nice with that.