JeuxVideo: The Last of Us: Review

"Naughty Dog has become the reference studio development on Playstation 3 with the second and third parts of the adventures of Nathan Drake. Probably a little tired of his bluster Mascot, California surprised everyone by announcing The Last of Us, a new action adventure title much more focused on its atmosphere and character than their previous productions. After spent with Joel and Ellie fifteen hours, we can say thank you to them: The Last of Us is the twilight of a miracle console at an end."

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ltachiUchiha1649d ago

Another deserving score for an amazing game. Great job Naughty Dog. =]

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SOD_Delta1649d ago

A 10 here, A 10 there, A 10 everywhere!

Typical-Guy1649d ago

A ten here, a ten there, a ten every [email protected]#cking where, so what so what you boring little.... :P

lucaskeller11649d ago

Naughty gods just shurrup and TAKE MY MONEY, JUST TAKE IT!

Fishermenofwar1649d ago

Whats funny is the typo in your comment makes it funnier...LOL

Ghost_of_Tsushima1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Another great score for an amazing game! Can't wait to play it;)

They should take that worthless Polygon review score off metacritic IMO. Stupid Microsoft funded site! With all the other perfect scores The Last of Us has it would probably hit 97 instead of 96:)

Typical-Guy1649d ago

Who cares what Polygon guys think! We are gonna enjoy this game while they play it behind closed doors.

PANTHER10301649d ago

Polygon was hired by Micro. :(

Typical-Guy1649d ago

@PANTHER1030 even if they did, they're laughing all the way to the bank murmuring "stupid MS psychos, worrying about a score"...

Zool 081649d ago

Polygon love this game but because M$ paid them they can't publicly admit it.

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