Edge Preview: Metal Gear Online

Edge writes: "Will Konami sneak into online gaming by the back door, or stumble through the front?

Selling an online shooter as a standalone product is a risky business at the best of times, and nowadays there aren't many who have the guts. Even the magnificent Team Fortress 2 ended up bundled in The Orange Box, while those titans of the genre, Quake and Battlefield, are both opting for the ad supported, free-to-play model for their next outings. And who can blame them? Singleplayer blockbusters like Halo 3 and Call Of Duty 4 are shipping with superb, feature-laden online multiplayer modes that can quite easily dominate the playlists for years at a time.

So it's the cause of quite a few raised eyebrows that Konami is choosing to split Metal Gear's multiplayer game off from Metal Gear Solid 4 and sell it on its own. What's more, Metal Gear Online's pedigree – the underwhelming multiplayer modes of MGS3: Subsistence and Portable Ops – is far from stellar. Is Konami simply stumbling in to the party far too late?"

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mighty_douche3767d ago

"split Metal Gear’s multiplayer game off from Metal Gear Solid 4 and sell it on its own"

I thought it came on MGS4 (starter pack anyway) and that this had be confirmed several times?
Does this mean if you dont want MGS4 (wierdo) and just wanted the online you'll be able to buy it seperate?

somethingSQUISHY3767d ago

Yes, it does. The starter pack has been confirmed to be bundled with MGS4 for some time, with the full MGO to be released as a standalone product. I'm not sure what the limitations of the starter pack are, or if one can download MGO on PSN as opposed to purchasing a hard copy. All in due time, I suppose...

I do agree with the article writer that MGO will have to do a lot of things very, very well to compete with stellar online shooters like COD4. I love MGS to death, but the MP has never been able to keep my interest for long. Here's hoping this one breaks that tradition.

primordialmeme3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

You have to buy MGS4 to play MGO, this has been confirmed many times.

Whoever wrote the article is moron.

meepmoopmeep3767d ago

NO. MGS4 only contains a starter pack for MGO

shadowghost7523767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

correct me if i am wrong but wasn't Warhawk sold as a standalone product as well as being a download? and that has sold over 500,000 copies which isn't bad for an online only, third person shooter.

So what trouble will an established brand such a metal gear have?

meepmoopmeep3767d ago

you're absolutely correct.

princejb1343767d ago

well if by any chance well have to buy it seperate you can count me out on this one
i refuse to buy it seperate when i believe it has been confirmed the starter pack be included with the game

CBaoth3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

If true and not the "full" MGO to be included w/ MGS4, this is a terrible move on Konami's part. I can understand DLC and I can understand a separate SKU for MGO as a standalone (Hell, I've always thought MGO would be released on the 360 anyway if popular). But to tantalize us TPS fans w/ a partial online game that we need to buy a full game at a later date seems very cheesy and I guess nothing new on Konami's part (a la MGS2 demo bundled w/ ZOE to procure inflated sales of a new IP - at least that was a "demo" and never implied to be anything more).

ChrisGTR13767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

wow... thats just gay. developers like rockstar giving us a TON of features and modes... then you have developers like kojima nickle and diming all its loyal fanbase with this bs having to pay an extra 30-60$ more for multiplayer mode.

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