Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review - "there's nothing like playing with a buddy"

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in which they generally offer praise, only lamenting the familiarity of the setting.

"In fact, the A.I (both friendly and enemy) is improved overall, with soldiers using cover and grenades, firing fast and generally acting more like soldiers in a firefight, trying to kill their enemies and stay alive while doing so."

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sonarus3677d ago

yea but there were a couple of times i would shoot an enemy silently and he would go into alert mode and start firing his weapon his friends around him never seemed to care why he was firing his weapon either. Plus enemies seemed to walk past without seeing me sometimes.
Overall a pretty good game. I havn't settled into the mp yet as i don't have the time right now but should play it decently this weekend. I personally prefer games like rainbow 6 to games like cod4 e.t.c.

bumnut3677d ago

i finished the game and only realised that i had a silencer on the last act.

SlappingOysters3677d ago

The game is good, there is no doubt, but I thought it looked old.

It is almost like a glorified expansion pack. I digged the orginal and I am enjoying this, but it is not a true sequel... as in it is not the next evolution of Rainbow Six.

Havince3677d ago

they have ruined the online. team deathmatch with 1 and 2 respawns ????????? u dont have certain number respawns in team deathmatch WHY CHANGE IT FROM THE ORIGINAL

cobhatecrew3677d ago

the person who set up the game set the respawns... you can have as many as you like....

adalwolfe3677d ago

I prefer the limited respawn.. its meant to be a tactical game.. your supposed to take your time at every corner.. with endless respawn its just a race to see who can get the most kills so the successful players are forced to charge over and over again to get the most kills.. there is no time to think strategically..

SlappingOysters3677d ago

I have the 360 version which seems to be working fine - you guys heard anything about how the PS3 version plays - I heard it was bad...

Morrowater3677d ago

I have the PS3 version. I have had no issues.

BeaArthur3677d ago

I have the ps3 version as well and I can only access about 10% of the servers for online matches. Other than some frame rate issues at times the game plays fine. If you can actually find a room to get into though the game drops a lot of times. So the campaign is fine and actually better in my opinion. If Ubisoft actually fixes the server issues and creates a patch for the frame rate problems I would actually say that this is a better game than the first one.

THWIP3677d ago

That's why PSN is FREE! ;)

xhairs3677d ago

It was awesome, the only problems go with connectivity to online matches. I have a hell of a time reconnecting to friends only for it to fail. I played the whole co-op no sweat with 1 guy and when he tried to set up an MP (tdm/terror hunt/etc) I couldn't connect. One night I actually played for 5 hours with 2 friends some how, never since have I been able to play with both of them for even 10 minutes.

You have no understanding of how anything PS3 works, please stop posting anything that has to do with a PS3 or the PSN. The problem is not because the PSN is free it's that UBISOFT rushed the development of this game without correctly programming the online system. If it was the PSN's fault, then we wouldn't be able to play CoD4 or any other online games as easily as we do.

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deepio3677d ago

Well, dispite the so-so reviews, I've got this game and I'm loving it...yes, it's like the first, but that's hardly a bad thing.

SlappingOysters3676d ago

8/10 is considered a so-so review.

Unless you meant generally...