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"After the lacklustre reception of Resident Evil 6 and Raccoon City - both of which I actually enjoyed - there were high hopes for Revelations, an HD remake of last year's 3DS game.

Not only were these games heaped with scorn but they divided fans of the series and highlighted just how far removed they were from the cult PlayStation original and unsurpassed Resident Evil 4. Neither felt like a true Resi game - for all the graphical improvements, control tweaks and new characters, locations and game modes, they left the majority of the gaming public cold. Fortunately, Capcom was listening and the new Revelations is not rotten like the undead that star in it. Far from it. This is arguably the best instalment for years."

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skydragoonity2014d ago

Am I the only 1 dat feels resident evil needs a reboot...

Blastoise2014d ago

Definitely. Wipe the slate clean of all the garbage since Resident Evil 4 (This game included)

tigertron2014d ago

It doesn't need rebooting, just a better sequel. Revelations is a big step in the right direction, but Capcom still have ways to go. The only problem is that Revelations came out before RE6, which is where the series really took a turn for the worst.

Hopefully good Revelations sales will convince Capcom to go full survival horror for RE7.

gantarat2014d ago

We should have 2 separate RE series.
Re action : Chris,jake ,shery ,People from BSAA
Re Survivor-Horror , Action-Horror : Leon,Jill,Claire,Helena bla bla