Bold Move: Kingdom Hearts X [CHI]

After what seems like ages of few updates, Square Enix has finally announced one of it’s biggest franchise’s newest additions: Kingdom Hearts x[chi]. This PC game is a novel addition to the Kingdom Hearts collection and does not yet have a release date. ”But Michael, why is this game so special?!” Good question, reader! This is the first of the Kingdom Hearts series to be played on the PC, and the first ever Kingdom Hearts Massively-Multiplayer-Online RPG game!
Beta testing for the new PC game took place in Japan and ended in late March of this year. The new point-and-click MMO does not have much news as far as plot goes, however we will update as news is released. Players of Kingdom Hearts x[chi] will be able to create distinctive characters and team up with their friends to battle heartless!

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Chaos_Raiden2016d ago

I still want Kingdom Hearts III.

brodychet2016d ago

ive pretty much given up. it's been almost 7 years.

SexyGamerDude2016d ago

This isn't SE usual project. I'm not going to judge it with so little info though. Who knows? Might actually be fun.

ShadowL92016d ago

So tired of this. Just make and release KH3. I just want that. I have not bought any of these side games and never will. I want a true, console KH experience again.

ShadowL92016d ago

I already played KH 1 and 2, and the other games were not developed from the ground up for console so they are not reaching the full potential that the KH 1 and 2 do. I loved the games, but I really hope that a KH 3 is released no matter how good or bad the HD collection sells.

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