How the PS4 can have the greatest launch lineup ever.

First impressions always count and how do you do that with a console launch? With great games. Here's how the PS4 can make bring it come launch time.

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duli142014d ago

It already is with 15 confirmed exclusives just for launch unlike 15 exclusives throughout the whole year :p

Basement Crawl
Blacklight: Retribution
DC Universe Online
Doki-Doki Universe
The Witness
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Planetside 2
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Tiny Brains
War Thunder

SOD_Delta2014d ago

PS4 has something for everyone and E3 isn't even here yet.

abzdine2014d ago

in my eyes it already has the greatest lineup ever.

Drive Club
Watch Dogs

All genres are represented by a very solid game! Can't wait, but i have to!

SOD_Delta2014d ago

@abzdine Looks like we share a taste in games. Great list!

The_Con-Sept2014d ago

I'd like to see Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5! But that will never happen.

I_am_Batman2014d ago

Not sure if all these games are really confirmed for launch. Some of them are or will be available for PC. But still a good list. Some more games could be announced at E3.

PrimeGrime2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Well if it is only released on the PS4, it might as well be exclusively for the PS4. Even if it has a PC version.

Now if it was a PC game that was on multiple platforms also then I could understand that. I mean I get what you are saying but maybe you will get what I am trying to say as well.

In short although they are PC games, they aren't being released on any other console besides Sony's.

Tei7772014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Hokokum is 2014.

But yeah, amazing line up and E3 isn't even here yet. I love the abundance of F2P titles as well. At launch money is tight, its great to have a few experiences where you spend nothing on day one and still have something to play which isn't a demo.

MorfiTM2014d ago

You have said about Basement Crawl, don't forget the ghostware Medium also from Bloober Team. From what I have heard we will get some new info on it soon.
IMHO Deathmatch Village will also be a PS3/PS VITA/PS4 title.

elhebbo162014d ago

and the best thing is, If you can only afford the console on launch, its all good! because there so much free to play games! (Planetside 2 HELL YEA)

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lucaskeller12014d ago

Killzone shadow fall is on xbone according to microsoft?;P

Brazz2014d ago

i see what you did here... Trolololol! XD

ape0072014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

the most nextgen titles im excited for are:

watchdogs, CoD Ghosts, Kz Sf and bf4

but my most wanted game is GTA V, hope for a ps4, xbox one versions and btw im i the only one who when hear the name "xbox one" think directly of the original xbox?

hazardman2014d ago

Good thing is that no gamers are gonna be able to say PS4 has no games. Like when the PS3 launched. Sony making sure that doesnt happen again!

Yeah Xbox One made no sense but its not bad. I mean they should have just called it Xbox. Thats all i ever say anyway!

WalterWJR2014d ago

It will happen at some point, when sony has not released a game for a couple of months, someone will turn around and say ps4 has no games.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2014d ago

If VersusXIII or FFXV whatever Final Fantasy game was a launch title I would probably get PS4 day one.

PrimeGrime2014d ago

Gotta love those rogue disagree'ers.

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