10 Hardware Announcements to Look Forward to at E3 2013

"There are those out there that doubt the continued relevance of the big E3 show each year. They might be right in the future but, for the time being at least, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is THE gaming event of the year."

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NameRemoved00171936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

> Posted June 3rd calls it xbox 720.
> Expecting Kinect 2.0 details
> Nvidia Shield is already avadible for purchase
> Nobody cares about kinect

juandren1936d ago

That GIF is relevant every time I check my news feed on Facebook

WeAreLegion1936d ago

Story quality? - WTF?

Like this website? - No

This is the only solution.

first1NFANTRY1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

shame the voting system is broken and the mods are too lazy to ban these sites. they probably allow them to post here because it brings revenue, how sad.

i thought this was n4g? for what it's worth i'll keep down voting these stupid sites.

you mods need to do your jobs!

PrimeGrime1936d ago

Wow I need to find a job in gaming journalism. This is just ridiculous..

WeAreLegion1936d ago

Create a website. Write reviews/news about gaming. :) Maybe even ask around N4G/Reddit for more authors.

Credibility comes with time, if you write well and respectfully.

alousow1936d ago

PS4 is what all gamers (with brains) want.
Xbone is what all brain washed gamers want. It will end up fading away like the dreamcast
Nintendo fans are stuck in the 90s all they want is mario games.

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