Square Enix Members North America now open

Square Enix has launched the North American member's service and is already offering several exclusives on the website:

· Exclusive Q&A with Hajime Tabata Part 1 (Crisis Core: FFVII)
· Shinra ID signature generator (Crisis Core: FFVII)
· Autographed Crisis Core: FFVII OST giveaway (Crisis Core: FFVII)
· Zack Squats Test (Crisis Core: FFVII)
· Creator's Roundtable: Episode 1 (The World Ends With You)
· A Crystal Record (FFCC: Ring of Fates)

You may want to join the service if you follow Square Enix, since it will have many extra features in the nearby future.

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meepmoopmeep3623d ago

i hope they'll eventually show those behind-a-closed-door trailers they keep so secret all the time.