Gamedaily: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Gamedaily writes: "Viking: Battle for Asgard is the type of game we can't help but shake our heads at because of the wasted potential. Here's an attractive hack-and-slash fantasy adventure with landfills of gore, fire-breathing dragons and a humongous, open world, yet its pathetic story and a few bizarre gameplay decisions make it at times a snooze-fest. And yet, despite its issues, we chipped away at the campaign because we sort of admire what its publisher, Sega, got right.

At first glance, Viking looks amazing, set in an ancient fantasy world where Skarin, the supposed savior of Asgard, sets off on a dangerous journey to rid the land of demon warriors led by Hel, the goddess of death. What ensues is decent hack-and-slash shenanigans, with you chopping monsters to bits with your axe and sword, lopping off heads, limbs and slicing torsos in half, watching entrails and blood explode from torn bodies."

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Lookbehind3683d ago

That's what they said about Conan and I rather enjoyed that game.I'll still check it out.

bumnut3683d ago

conan was great, it was a very shallow game but the level of violence made up for it.

kingme713683d ago

Do you really need a reason to care why you are cutting someone to bits?

kira9893683d ago

Its ok to make a god awful game now, as long as it has loads of violence and limbs being forcibly removed... *sigh*