Critics: ‘The Last of Us’ is post-apocalyptic perfection

The end of the world is near! Especially if you’re into pop culture.
A parade of apocalypses is storming theaters this year in an effort to turn the end of humanity into the beginning of lucrative franchises. Tom Cruise (“Oblivion”), Will Smith (“After Earth”), Brad Pitt (“World War Z”) and Matt Damon (“Elysium”) are in on the act, as are jokesters Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen (“This is the End”) and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (“The World’s End”). Optimism isn’t exactly hot in Hollywood right now.
But while moviegoers can spend their last days with good-looking celebs, gamers will be spending theirs with one of the best-looking video games ever created.

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trouble_bubble2020d ago

"..who has incited the rage of Sony fanboys by daring to give it a 7.5/10"

Easy with the 'fanboy' term there Ben, I've seen ya wave the 360 flag loud and proud on Reviews on the Run for years along with Scott C Jones who on air has said he only uses PS3 for BluRays. Pot/kettle buddy.

Williamson2020d ago

So true in what you say about Ben and Scott. I used to watch the show but those 2 are pretty horrible reviewers, Scott gave mgs4 a 1/10 and persona 4 4/10...dont care what console you favor but giving that kind of scores to such solid titles is just really dumb.

PrimeGrime2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Why would anyone disagree with you? Like I always say it is one thing to have an opinion but it is a another to just be stupid.

That is just stupid scoring and totally biased nonsense.

If I am a reviewer just because I don't like something doesn't always mean I will score it lowly. Other people play games, other people read those reviews besides myself. So it would seem as a good journalist you should take that into considering and score a game based on the game.

Not just basing it entirely on your own personal biased opinion. Not saying you can't voice it either but it has no place in scoring.

I cannot stand most journalist today.

Blastoise2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Persona 4 4/10?!


Inception2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Wait, is that serious that some reviewer gave MGS4 a 1/10 and P4 a 4/10?! Holy sh**. I'm an amateur video game reviewer and by my standard, 1-5 out of 10 are for games that full with technical error (bug, glitch, corrupt save file, etc) or simply put unplayable. Also doesn't have any aspect that will make you told yourself 'Ok, this game is buggy but i still have a lot of fun playing it'. After consumed dozens of hours with MGS4 & P4, there's no way in hell those two games got that low score -_-

ab5olut10n2020d ago

I love how a 7.5 is classified as inciting fanboy rage

Yodagamer2020d ago

Welcome to the world of gaming, where even a good rating gets bashed O.o

RTheRebel2020d ago

The Worst Of The Fanboys

TongkatAli2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

7.5 is good to me, but it has to really be a 7.5 game and judging by this site review scores for other games, it's a joke.

Nintendo has the worst fanbase, but I know some Nintendo fans who are nice chill people. Go to Gamefaqs and go to the message boards. This site has nothing on gamefaqs, LOL.

You would be like a level 2 troll there.

GenericNameHere2020d ago

The TLOU team is the same team that worked on Uncharted 2, the game that most fans and critics agree is the best in the trilogy. However, looking back at Naughty Dog's history (excluding pre-Crash Bandicoot), their games have been critically and financially successful. Now, I think they are in the same pedestal as the great giants like Valve and Rockstar. Let's hope they don't fall the way Bioware has.

I can't wait for The Last of Us!

SOULJER2020d ago

I know for a fact. If this game was on the 360, or pc it be 10s across the board. Because I have seen lesser games like weak @ss multipats, get higher scores than this game.

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