Metro Last Light Review (Goozernation)

Deep Silver and 4A have given gamers a great fps in the way of Metro Last Light. Metro Last Light doesn’t push gaming PCS and consoles to new levels but it does craft a wonderful FPS experience that moves beyond just going through the motions. The captivating and interesting story is one of the biggest selling points while the action and gameplay add depth to a fantastic game. This may be one of the sleeper hits of 2013.

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Pro Racer1992d ago

Great game! Loved the first one, and LL is a solid sequel to add to the franchise. I can't speak for the English voice actors, but the Russian audio work is excellent. As was the original, LL is a very rich and immersive experience; I'd highly recommend giving it a shot with Russian VO and English subs.

TheSurg1992d ago

I'm a console gamer most of the time but played this one o n my monster pc to check out the tecch. I gotta addmit not only the graphics are amazing ( I like it way more than crysis 3) but the game itself is one of deepest games I've played. The atmsphere is just amazing! On every step i took I was thinking "I wish Fallout" would be like this (environments, details, etc). I hated the first metro but this one blew me away! Get it now!

AlaaAlii1992d ago

Aaaaarrrrgghhh! Why are you doing this to me, reviews?! I have been waiting for this game since very late patience has grown the thinnest it can get! With every review coming out with a score of 90%+, I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! I NEED THIS GAME NAAOOW.

AlaaAlii1992d ago

Wait...what? I thought I posted this on a The Last of Us review...I think I need to get some sleep.

seanpitt231992d ago

Good game I completed it and traded it in for last of us.

Perjoss1992d ago

How did you manage that if TLoU is not out yet?

seanpitt231992d ago

Traded it in got money on my account and with the money I preordered the TLOU.