360Sync Reviews Dark Sector

We got our hands on an early copy of the latest game - Dark Sector, and for the last week have been messing around with the entire game, trying out everything that it has to offer. So what did we think? Did it live up to the hype, or is this just another shooter? Hit the jump for the full review!


For the record, I was under the impression that we had to attach a rating to N4G. While we did not post a grade on the site (yet), the game is a solid A- on the letter rating scale.

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DrPirate3586d ago

Paging DrPepper, Paging DrPepper.

Please report to the cafeteria where you will eat your words, the game doesn't suck.

BWS19823586d ago

now this is one I'm anxious to read several reviews on (not undermining this single review, I'd say that no matter the source)'s been very commercialized and has a lot of hype...hopefully it's not to disappoint

DrPirate3586d ago

I'm really interested in this game because I've been looking for something to tide me over until GTA4.

That's the one major reason I wanted this game to be really good. I hope it has a long longevity and some replay value. April 29 is only a short bit of time away.

cjp4eva3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I keep reading that this game is only 10 lvls long..........ehhhh not sure if thats a good or bad thing, just that i dont want to finish the game in 5 hours i guess ill wait a little while and see what other people say and based on that ill either rent it or buy it.

Dark General3586d ago

I've heard from a few places that even though it's only 10 levels the game is a solid 13 hours for single player.

cjp4eva3586d ago

I hope so man cause i really wanna buy this game but if its 5 hours long i wont buy it and ill just rent it, i like buying the games as much as i can since it keeps the industry going at least 1 game at a time.

Dark General3586d ago

I'm definitely buying the game so i'll tell you how long it is once i pick it up on wendsday. Sometimes you just got to get a game despite reviews to see for yourself, i think this generation of games have relied to much on numbers and stats. Instead of just enjoying a game for what it's worth.

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The story is too old to be commented.