GameStop Deals: Get a new game for $9.99 or less

Starting today GameStop is offering a deal on brand new games.


My Apologies the site is apparently down for maintenance it should be back on in a few however...check back later.

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OhReginald1957d ago

Metroid Prime Triology and Xenoblade Chronicles.....LOL yea I bet they would LOVE to get those games....they go over more than $100+ used....

Ilovetheps41957d ago

I got the Metroid Prime Trilogy for $20 when Best Buy was selling it for that. It's crazy how much the game is worth now. I was so lucky to have gotten it for that price.

FITgamer1957d ago

@Ilovetheps4 same here, i had no idea that game was worth more now. I almost gave it away, glad i didn't.

yeahokchief1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Yep pretty crazy.

The reason they cost so much is because they no longer make them yet the WiiU is dependent on the Wii catalogue being more of a hybrid between current gen and next gen.

So you have all these new Wii U players wanting to play them in addtion to the Wii players and the problem is compounded by the Wii's very small library of quality games in relation to the crap games you can get for a dollar.

Games like the prime trilogy and super mario galaxy 2 are getting very hard to come by because everyone from both playerbases wants to play them with nothing else to play on the console.

Without the new versions of the select few quality games by Nintendo there will be more players wanting to play these older Wii games. Demand goes up while supply goes down so higher prices.

Its probably a good idea to start buying 2 of every nintendo game when they have deals on them and just keep one packaged to sell off as a collector item. Looking back, I could have made some good money doing this on quite a few games.

In Nintendo's defense, the Nintendo Selects helped a TON. For example you look at Super mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. SMG1 is a much older game and you're able to find it for $20 currently whereas with SMG2 you'd have to pay at least $60 to get a similar new copy. By releasing the Nintendo Selects of the games they increased the availablity which really helped keep prices down for the really good games eveyrone wants to play.

cunnilumpkin1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

yes, trade us any two games we will turn around and sell for $50 each or more, and for the low price of $10, we'll let you have a $60 game

wow gamestop, you are so kind

when you are closed in two years, you won't be missed

GREW50ME1957d ago

So, trade in $120 worth of games and get $50 off a b-list game? ROFL.

NameRemoved00171957d ago

The sad part is idiots will think this is a good deal and do it and just encourage gamestop to do this more often.

ScepticTankAvenger1957d ago

Only game on this list I would trade in is Black Ops 2. Only game I haven't paid off for this year is Blacklist which don't come out for a while. No thanks Gamestop.

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