Gamedaily.Biz Exclusive: Win $10,000 in GameStop's GTA IV Contest

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "Although Rockstar Games' GTA IV won't ship until April 29, GameStop is kicking its promotions for the anticipated game into full gear this week. Starting today, gamers can go to to get full details on the national text-to-win contest, which will culminate with four lucky winners being flown to "Liberty City" (otherwise known as New York City) on April 28 for the chance to open main character Niko's Lock Box.

In addition to getting the all-expense-paid trip to Manhattan for two, $250 in spending money and two gift bags filled with games from GameStop and Rockstar Games, each of the national winners will receive a key to open a box and choose one of 38 unmarked envelopes containing awards from $100 to $10,000. The are a total of $30,000 in prizes, which is the largest ever for a GameStop contest. The gala launch event will take place at GameStop's flagship store at 1282 Broadway Avenue.

In addition to the national contest, GameStop will drop red key chains in select stores in Liberty City from April 1-27, 2008. The unmarked red key chains will direct players to call a local telephone number for further instruction on how to gain access to GameStop's Grand Theft Auto IV launch event. Joseph Heilner, director of marketing at GameStop, took some time to talk about the new contest in this exclusive interview."

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Skerj3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Lmao $250 in spending money, in New York!? I guess since everything else is comped and you have a chance at the lock box, they can be cheap with the change but damn, don't forget your wallet at home.