Nintendo at E3 - a look back - E3 2006

E3 2006 was the full-blown reveal for Wii, so Nintendo’s conference was jam-packed with all sorts of games.

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alousow2018d ago

Tthe fans are stuck in the 90s with those mario games

mcstorm2018d ago

Why do you say that? People still play FF they have also been playing Call of Duty every year since 07. Fans have also been playing GT since 97.

If a game is fun to play and the new versions of this game are still fun to play why should people not play them.

Do you not think in another 10 years we will still be playing GT or Halo?

fossilfern2018d ago

Pretty scary when you realise that its been nearly 10 years since that E3

from the beach2018d ago

Very nice! So much excitement for the Wii and most of the games shown in this delivered.. sadly Wii Music was one of last gen's biggest let-downs

galgor2018d ago

Are these videos leading up to something like "Nintendo at E3 2013... tumbleweed goes past"

In jest.