The Last of Us Reviews Cause All Out War

RealGamerNewz takes a minute to share our round table discussion about Reviews, 10/10 Scores, Alternative Review Systems, and the outcry of The Last of Us Reviews that don't fit the norm for score ranges. News throughout the day are discussed as well including Castlevania: Lords of Shadow heading to PC with an exclusive Ultimate Edition and a lot more.

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ltachiUchiha1966d ago

I think its because some reviews are being unfair. I know its all opinion but i dont think bioshock infinite as an example had 1 review under 8 on meta. That just proves that exclusive games get reviewed more harsh & is an easy target to underscore for hits for any exclusive on any certain platform. 3rd party games get away with reviews because they are mostly on all platforms, thats just how i see it.

miyamoto1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Like with all PlayStation exclusive reviews its that perfect opportunity for anti PlayStation campaigners to generate site clicks and hits. Its a viciuos cycle.

Its business as usual even if its sad and annoying to a straight nerd like me. But thrn you dont take them seriously ad they are paid to do just that. Shake your head and walkvaway. Hope they repent if they have a conscience.

Nothing personal whoever wrote these crab mentality reviews as they are just doing their job. but I dont like gaming turn into Hollywood gossip and negative publicity media.

I dont lije M$ Aaron Greenberg crabs in a bucket PR mentality and smoke and mirrors strategy by Peter Molydeux. Strong enough reason why Xbox brand could never even hope to win. ever. because they are so Negatve instead of positive.

Look at Major Nelson always getting in trouble with Greenberg when he speaks the truth about the success of PlayStation.

I hope MS changes their style.

Do you here anything negative from the other Japanese giant Nintrndo? Hell no because they have asense of honor unlike M$.

ltachiUchiha1965d ago

Well its like that because sony ruled the gaming industry for 2 straight gens with the original playstation & the ps2, so seeing them successful always leads to hate & it showed this gen with the ps3 but sony still managed to comeback even though the odds were against them. I dont think any of the other 2 wouldve been able to do what sony did if they were to be put in that position. Just shows how much sony is needed in the gaming industry. If they ever left, wow it would be the same games over & over again because no other publisher is as risky as sony when it comes to creating different type of game genres.

andron1965d ago

Who cares about reviews anymore? I can't wait to play this...