The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition Back In-Stock

Eric from writes:

"The Last of Us embargo just lifted today and reviews have been, well, outstanding; probably the best reviewed game of the year so far just ahead of BioShock Infinite. If you missed out on the Post-Pandemic Edition (for $160), which apparently sold out in February, GameStop has seemingly brought it back in stock."

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dwightmccarthy2017d ago

So expensive. At least the UC3 one came with a belt buckle and a statue lol

vickers5002017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

And a cool box with compartmental shelves.

I suggest anyone considering getting this to wait a while.

I got the Uncharted 3 collectors edition from Best Buy for 30 bucks new sometime after it released.

xHeavYx2017d ago

I would love to get it, but it's to expensive. it doesn't even come with the art book. the God of War Ascension was similar and only costed $80

Black-Helghast2017d ago

What I want back in stock is the 80$ version. I've looked EVERYWHERE and I can't find it. I'm sorry but paying 160$ for that is a little too much. x:

xHeavYx2017d ago

I was going to suggest Gamestop, because I ordered my copy online yesterday, but I checked and they don't have it, I guess I got lucky

Mr_Nuts2017d ago

You know ND could of shipped some of these to the UK/Europe to sell. The custom fee's are going to be ridiculous for this :'(

theherp802017d ago

had no idea they weren't shipping it out

Mr_Nuts2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

It was silly in my opinion, I don't see why they couldn't. The Last of Us is one of the most anticipated games of this year, this would of sold a s*** load over here.

They are only doing the Ellie and Joel steelbook, a mini artbook and a mini comic in a canvas wrap. Oh and yes to get both the Ellie and Joel posters and other stuff you would have to buy them together, I don't know why they just didn't do an Ellie and Joel edition together

I mean they are offering us a Little Big Planet skin aswell, not to mention a crappy skin for your controller....yup thats right a controller skin, how old school is that ¬¬

ncstatefan9532017d ago

Maybe they decided to make more.

RE_L_MAYER2017d ago

nah I will get the cheaper one with art book cause im artbook whore + the statue in this looks bad-ellie looks like a dude....seriously

ginsunuva2017d ago

I want statue. But not $160.

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