Remember Me Review (Digibytes)

Digibytes: "Remember Me is a game that’s worth checking out. It’s not perfect, but in a world where a majority of games that are released are sequels, it’s great to see a new IP. Remember Me may have a short campaign, but it’s a fun and unique journey with only a few bumps along the road."

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BrutalThunder2020d ago

Understandable score. I would of bumped it up to a 8. The gameplay is iffy but the art style and futuristic vision of neo-paris make this game worth checking out.

VersaVulture892020d ago

Definitely. I've seen this game get hate and while it's not the best game, it's a game worth checking out. I was seriously debating giving it an 8, but it was the gameplay that really held me back from doing so. What I do love are the visuals. They're fantastic! I hope this is a world that can be revisited if it does well enough.