Major Nelson congratulates Naughty Dog for The Last of Us

While a certain ex-PlayStation Blog staff member is busy using Twitter to express his sourness over Polygon's review of The Last of Us, Major Nelson is using Twitter to congratulate Naughty Dog on a job well done.

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DaThreats2021d ago

Ahh, soon will join the dark side

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dcbronco2021d ago


Gotta love the guy that's a fan of the company contemplating splitting up to survive believing the company making record profits is going away. I thought the devil was supposed to do what he does because he was evil. Turns out it was all just stupidity.

TheGreenMan2020d ago


And just how big of a percentage of those record profits are coming from the xbox division? I'll give you a hint - it's not very much. The fact is, many of MS' shareholders think the games division represents a diversion of resources that MS could use toward further developing its real moneymakers. And if these shareholders vote down the games division, guess what happens - it goes bye bye. I'm not trying to downplay what MS has done, but using the company's financial condition to support the strength of the xbox is a flawed argument.

And BTW - reread Lou-Cipher's comment, because he says nothing about MS going away - he says "xbox brand." So before you call someone out for stupidity, how about you show some basic comprehension skills of the original comment?

dcbronco2020d ago

You would be wrong if you think Xbox doesn't make money. Use common sense. For Xbox to not be making money, that would mean the console is being sold at a loss. Kinect at a loss. And Live is making a loss. Only a fool believes any of those things. Every piece of hardware is sold for a profit. Live makes a profit on subscriptions, DLC and and marketplace items. Where is it you believe they are losing money. Don't mistake the billion and a half they spend on R&D and the cost of all of the other products in that division for Xbox not making money. And don't believe analyst talk of selling the division. That is about a company making 40% profit on the rest of the company having a part that makes 10-15% profit. Analyst are money hungry whores.

Gaming brings in over 5 billion in revenue according to MS. That is not a small amount of money. And it will grow a ton with Xbox One because of the revenue streams that design will bring. Share holders aren't that stupid and have less power in MS than some companies. They just started getting a dividend a few years ago, I believe. If they had so much pull they would have been getting that a long time ago.

And I comprehended his statement fine idiot. But both of you are fools(mainly you) if you believe MS doesn't make much money on Xbox. Learn to comprehend when you look at their annual reports. The division summary spells it out in plain English.

StraightPath2021d ago

major nelson when will xbox 360 have games?

mochachino2021d ago

Besides GTA5, what's available right now is the best it will ever have. The gens over.

I am very happy I bought a PS3 after my 360 broke. MS is kinda treating 360 like it did xbox and Sony like it did PS2.

lategamer2020d ago

FallTitan, Fantasia, and Fable Anniversary were just announced the past week.

LogicStomper2020d ago

When it was released years ago. Now let me ask you a question. Where is your brain?

Gamer19822020d ago

@lategamer 2 of those havnt got anywhere near the excitement the last of us has and Fable is a remake.

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JAM_brz2021d ago

+bubble for you
but I see some ppls vote on you as troll... the things here in N4G have became worst and worst... we say "a word "and we are trolling? True things have to be said... where's the funny part of being a gamer?

I said on another post "xbox fans will gonna hate" and was voted as troll... and now that friend too... just complicated

shinrock2020d ago

Yep, x fans will gonna hate. Lol

TheSurg2020d ago

Don't even start me on blind sony fans. Basicly my every comment is voted as troll if it doesn't join the hate train against MS and love train on the way to Sony.

Projekt2020d ago

People just don't know what troll means anymore. It's not just fishing for newbies now, it's any comment that might incite rage from thin-skinned zealots. Me? I love my PS3. Do I get offended by xbox fan's banter? No I enjoy it, because that's the spirit of banter. Oh well...

ZodTheRipper2020d ago

That's the best thing he twittered in weeks.

voodoopickle2020d ago

its the most coherent thing to come from ms in weeks

Syntax-Error2020d ago

So when does praising another companies achievements a bad thing. If I am not mistaken, Hideo Kojima was also impressed with Naughty Dogs game. You give credit where it's due. For idiot Sony statement that was made....MICROSOFT CAN BUY SONY. Remember that the next time you want rant about something you know nothing about

voodoopickle2020d ago

if you really think Microsoft could buy sony, who is the fanboy?

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morganfell2020d ago

How is Enemy's remark above Off Topic when he discussing Why jeff Rubenstein is upset. Jeff Rubenstein is mentioned in the header as being sour and when Enemy comments on what is listed it's Off Topic?

I know there are two mods that will see to it that I as a Sony supporter never leave one bubble territory and I was even threatened with a ban for bubbling up a remark one of these mods disliked but is this what modding at N4G has become?

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araman2021d ago

Just a preview of what's to come Major...

FarCryLover1822021d ago

I'm surprised that Major Nelson is allowed to even mention anything non-Xbox.

dc12021d ago


I'm sure silence would have been the approved approach from the MS PR executive team. Major may have overstepped just a little in an effort to calm the waves of negativity through an indirect show of goodwill.

UNGR2021d ago

He's a person not a slave, what is this the 18th century?

dc12021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Nope. It's called Corporate (The higher you get the more you will understand).

To your point, once you feel like a typically leave..only after you consider your relationships, partnered bridges, financial options and internal reputation.

dcbronco2021d ago

dc1 your head would have exploded if you had read the articles where MS employees like Major Nelson mention they actually own PS3s. I think company execs that are really gamers are gamers and not fanboys. They leave the stupidity to the fans.

dc12021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Not at all- your'e missing my point (by the way no one should be fanboys),

Trust me when I tell you it is a requirement to know your competitors.

If I'm an engineer for BMW, you best believe I have comparable Audi, Mercedes or other high end vehicles at their finger tips on the company dime.

MS and Sony have employees that are required to play games (extensively) on their competitors console. This is known.

However, Major is the PR month piece for MS/XBOX One products and services. I'm simply surprised that this comment would come out at this time at the ledge of E3 and the battle of messaging.

UltimateUnknown2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Once you are part of a corporation like M$, you are more or less their slave.

dcbronco2020d ago


I've worked with powerful people in the past that are known throughout the world. I got along extremely well with the vast majority of them. Though I was very young, I had my own ideas and was willing to make my own decisions. One of those rich and powerful people told once that people like them despise sheep. Grow a pair and they will respect you and look out for you. Act like a dog and they have little time for you. They prefer their pets with more hair.

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gman_moose2021d ago

Highly doubt it was a genuine congrats. With MS's PR team working overtime to put out the fires, this is a simple gesture to make it seem like MS cares about game devs... lol

coolvibu932020d ago

Okay now you're overthinking this so much it's ridiculous. It was a congrats, take it as it is and don't try to dissect it so much.

shinrock2020d ago

No one, not one you of you fan boys can sit their and know what his intentions are. Plzzzzzzzzzz, stick to what you know,and what you don't know say it in ur head,not out loud.

gman_moose2020d ago

@ above

It's called taking the high road... people do it all the time win brownie points with the public. I HIGHLY doubt Larry his truly happy for Naughty Dog that they put out a killer title that will sell PS3's. If you think otherwise, you are a tool.

SpideySpeakz2021d ago

Yeah, something is wrong with this. He's up to something.

Vinster2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Actually, This isn't the first time Major Nelson congratulated Naughty Dog. Who knows maybe he's a fan of theirs and appreciates a good game. Why not?

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