PSU reviews Dark Sector

""It's time for heads to roll." Digital Extremes' latest title, Dark Sector, which is being published by D3 Publisher, decided to take that quote and make it literal. Their new sci-fi, action packed, third-person shooter seems to do everything right and very little wrong. From the look and feel of the game to the emotion behind each character's voice, Dark Sector is something to be revered and enjoyed by anybody old enough to pick it up and play. Based around the perfectly coined Evolution Engine (formerly Sector Engine), Dark Sector evolves the third-person shooter genre to what it should be. "

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Surviver3716d ago

What the hell.
Thank you for telling me the final boss battle.

That is really ignorant.

zainkis3716d ago

i totally missed that O.o

DavePSU3716d ago

Where did I mention the final battle? No where?

ruibing3716d ago

It looks like their own engine, written from scratch, is pretty good.

FamilyGuy3716d ago

Is it me or does that look like the game that was being created in the movie Grandma's Boy? o.0

permutated3716d ago

This coming from the same mag that gave Lair an 8.5

I'll wait for IGN or GT reviews.

Milkman5413716d ago

I think this game looks pretty decent but I just can't buy it...I wish I could buy games like this...but they seem just decent nothing special...I just bought COD4 and MLB The Show 08...I just don't have time...GTA IV is right around the corner and then a few weeks later you got MGS 4...I wish games weren't $60 bones cuz games like this I would scoop up with a $40 price tag...oh day it will drop to a $30 budget title and I'll pick it up

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