TGR: Dark Sector Review


"Dark Sector has been a long time coming. First announced way back in 2004 as an outer-space, sci-fi horror game, the title has been impressing critics every step of the way with its pretty screenshots and unique gameplay. Now the long wait is finally over and gamers want to know if the wait was worth it. However, the answer is much more complicated than a simple yes or no."

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cain1413408d ago

I'm going to rent before I buy. I still think this looks good though...

aubradley3408d ago

Too bad this turned out to be such a mediocre game.

thegamereviews3408d ago

I played the 360 version, movement felt fine, bull running control was control lol.

cain1413408d ago

I'm hoping this will still be a good game... This was the PS3 version that was reviewed right? Were their any noticable differences?

thegamereviews3408d ago

The review was done by one of our reviewers on a PS3, however I also reviewed it on the 360 (will be posting a second look later this week)

DavePSU3408d ago

If you played the 360 version, why are you labeling as a PS3 review?

From what I've gathered and noticed was that the 360 version actually plays different (a tad worse) than the PS3 version. IMO anyways.

cain1413408d ago

This is the PS3 version that was reviewed... The author had the Ps3 copy...

DavePSU3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Then why does it clarify in the above comment that he played the 360 version... (thegamereviews)

thegamereviews3408d ago

Because my reviewer used the PS3, and I played the 360

DavePSU3408d ago

Read? Let me know where you stated that...Sheesh.

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Ri0tSquad3408d ago

I don't even think Play Magazine gave this a good score.

SEAN16173408d ago

i have played this game and the controls are fine. multiplayer was also solid.

DavePSU3408d ago

It's all opinion man...They are entitled to their own...don't hate.

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The story is too old to be commented.