Call of Duty 4 DLC Is In Certification And Info On PS3 And PC Map Packs

The new Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is scheduled to be released on Xbox Live in the first week of April (3rd or 4th), was sent off to certification at Microsoft today. The map pack is going to be bringing four new maps to the game with the addition of Creek (seen above), Broadcast, Killhouse, and Chinatown, which is a modern-revision of the classic Carentan from past Call of Duty games.

While the maps will be hitting Xbox Live the first week of April, PS3 users will STILL be getting the map packs, however it'll be a little later (21 days later approximately) before they'll be available on PSN for the same price. Right now plans for the PC version are unannounced but we are working to bring PC users the same content in the future, however logistics are being worked out on how to make that happen.

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nightfallinicedearth3743d ago

Why do the PS3 owners get shafted for 21 days?Why not release it at the same time, how hard can that really be?

Close_Second3743d ago

Console owners of COD4 that is. COD4 has one of the worst f**king lobby systems for a next-gen game. Really, who would chose to join a game where your connection to the host will be 1 red bar. Who would also chose to rejoin that game a record 16 times after quiting.

I can only speculate as to why Infinity Ward decided to wrap such a magnificent game in such a dogs turd of a lobby system. Maybe there was not room on the DVD for the 360 version so they opted for a space saving lobby for the console versions.

LSDARBY3743d ago

Its MS splashing out the dollar.

bumnut3743d ago

i think the cod4 lobby is great, i get straight into a game without any problems (xbox 360 version).

its way better than graw/rb6v lobby were you wait for it to fill up for 20 mins only to be kicked out.

mighty_douche3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

You should have a list of dedicated servers and a selection of player filters to allow you to choose by, player count/map/gae mode/latency etc etc.

I bought the game, id like to be able to play what i want, not have my console choose for me.


the lobby and connection issue has only been that bad since the update.

before then the only problem was with the host quitting and ending the match ( which still happens anyway ).

Now don't hold a gun to my head on this, but i heard that the networking code was outsourced to EA, which if its true, explains a lot.

i have to say though, at least you can play matchmaking with your friends in the same party. Gears of war could not even get that right !

Apocwhen3742d ago

Can't believe people disagree with 1.1 and 1.4

The lobby is terrible people. Wouldn't you at least like the choice to be able to search by map? Who wants to play a game of Wetworks, then have the host end the game, and when you find a new game to be put back into Wetworks again? Let me search for the map I want to play on and don't put me into a game that is about to finish in 30 seconds adding me to the losing team.

For such a great game the whole networking side of it is just atrocious. We should not have to put up with Host Ended Game 75% of the time. Even the Host Migration that was promised in the patch in non existent in the PS3 version and it wasn't even officially addressed by IW as to why.

If we were given a listing of Active hosts then almost everyone could find a lag free server to play on and on the map they want. Lately I've just been turning COD4 off and putting on UT3 instead as it's too annoying to go through 9 simultaneous "Host Ended Game" matches, or when you kill the Host in an S&D game and he quits the game.

rawg3742d ago

Love COD4 but the matchmaking leaves much to be desired. I would personally like to see more games use the Warhawk lobby system which allows you to choose from a list of servers that shows maps being played, # of players and ping rates.

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DiabloRising3743d ago

Thanks a lot Activision. First you pull that crap with the lack of the Rock Band/GH3 patch, which only hurts customers and not you, and now you delay PS3 DLC? Hello, WE WANT THE MAPS. 2.5 million PS3 CoD4 users, willing to give you our $ for more maps for the greatest FPS in a long time. And you snub your nose at us? After promising to release day and date across all platforms? Nicely done jackasses. Nicely done. IW makes the best game in a while, and its hurt by stupidity like this.

DrPirate3743d ago

No PS3 user will buy this. Not when the maps are released just a couple of days before GTA4. People will have moved on by then.

choldstare3743d ago

it is a possibility. But people will still buy. People who play cod 4 =/= GTA4 players.

Megaton3743d ago

I'll probably still buy them, but I certainly won't be playing them anywhere near as often as I would have been if they were released early April.

Grand Theft Auto IV is gonna keep me busy for months.

mighty_douche3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

If these come within a week of GTA there no way ill be buying them, I love CoD but my passion for it is starting to waver and i know as soon as GTA is released i wont be playing CoD.

SL1M DADDY3743d ago

Why would this DLC be released for the PS3 later than the 360 when the game sells great for both consoles?

omoshiroi3742d ago

You guys are on crack if you no one will buy these packs. COD4 is frikken HUGE on the ps3 as well as PC and 360.

I have a love hate thing with it myself. I love the game, but I agree that peer hosted online gaming (ala xbox live) were you don't choose were the fvck you're playing sucks balls.

I like Warhawk were you can see a list of servers that have filters such as ping, maps, game etc...

Just throwing me in some game with some douce from the UK who quits halfway through is just lame. (b4 you flame, I used UK as an example of a useless connection, there are game quitting @sshole hosts everywhere)

Anyway I'll buy them. You guys have to admit, this game kicks @ss.

xhairs3742d ago

You're right, it is a great game, they did a good thing putting that last patch out the night before RSV2 came out because RSV2 online was booty cheeks. However by delaying the patch so long for this next one, I agree many people may buy it, but not as many people will be playing as much as they used to with all these new games coming out within weeks of the patch.

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