Gamedaily: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review - It's not the Point that's Turning. It's our stomachs

Gamedaily writes: "Codemasters had the right idea with the first-person shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, a game that turns history on its ear with a completely original storyline. Unfortunately, the rest of the game gets so lost that you won't feel like sticking around to see how it turns out.

The game asks the question, "What would happen if Winston Churchill died from his run-in with a taxi in 1931?" He wouldn't be around to deliver a speech to stir the troops to fight back against the Nazis, that's what. As a result, Germany puts a stranglehold on Europe and Africa before launching a full-blown assault on the United States. As an average construction worker named Dan Carson, you team up with an underground movement in a final effort to stop the Nazis from taking what little freedom you have left."

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