Game Revolution: FIFA Street 3 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Following in the time-honored tradition of taking a solid series and spinning it off and off and off, until it no longer resembles the original, the FIFA Street series takes EA's long-standing soccer series to the playgrounds and rooftops of the world. And much like the other "Street" sport spin-offs by EA, FIFA Street 3 pares down the sport to its barest essentials. But unlike the NBA or NFL Street series, it is ill-suited to the size and scope of the playground.

In effect, FIFA Street 3 tries to make soccer more like basketball. Think NBA Street using your feet, and you'll get the idea. You have five players on each team - like in basketball. The court is small - like in basketball. You spin, juke, and lob - like in basketball. But if you wanted to play a game like basketball, you should probably just play basketball."

+ Smooth character animations
+ Simplified gameplay
- ... but too simplified.
- Short on features
- Not enough like soccer
- Overpowered offense

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