PS3 Fanboy: Hands-on with Eye of Judgment Set 2 expansion

PS3 Fanboy writes: "We've recently had the pleasure of trying out the new Eye of Judgment: Biolith Rebellion 2 expansion -- that very same expansion set to hit the US PSN this Thursday, March 27. Right away, we were excited to test out our new holo-cards and so we immediately began installing the new expansion.

We eagerly waited for the install to go through, though we soon realized it was taking longer than we expected. It was roughly about a fifteen-minute waiting period for a near two gig install. Keep in mind, however, we were told that the final update hitting the PSN should only be one gigabyte, so we assume gamers won't be experiencing the same sort of downtime we went through.

Once the install was finished, we immediately noticed some new changes. For one, the start up screen now displays "Set 2" in the lower right corner. Soon after, we began a battle with the sample cards we were given. Out of the 100 new spells and creatures promised in Set 2, we've tested out about 26 new creature and spell cards. The new character models and their animations look wonderful. We're sure fans of the game will like the new units like the Biolith War Chariot -- a tank-like summoned creature that can attack two adjacent enemy squares simultaneously."

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sonarus3766d ago

WTF. I had already decided to go for the download now they bring this beyond the apex crap so now i have to seriously consider the disk version
Advantages of hard drive over disk
-Don't have to go out to buy plus its slightly cheaper due to no tax(i think)
-2GB of data compared to 5GB you would get from installation.
-Don't have to change disks can just launch straight from the hard drive.

-Can't sell it when GT5 releases
-Doesn't really add to my collection of ps3 games
-Missing a fantastic video

I am going to flip a coin on launch day