There Might Be Big Final Fantasy News Coming At E3

"The mailman just dropped this off in our inbox. It's an invitation to a Square Enix event next week, a Q&A with Final Fantasy brand director Shinji Hashimoto."

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tetsuhana1897d ago

Final Fantasy XIII-iOS Announcement

Minato-Namikaze1897d ago

Do you want me to scream out in rage at SE? If they do that i think i really will scream.

guitarded771897d ago

I'm long past screaming.

I don't know what they'd have to do to redeem themselves.

sags791897d ago

Ok, list them up:

- Versus XIII
- XV
- And many other things to NOT show and continue to break our hearts and loyalty!

Shadowsteal1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Hopefully if the Final Fantasy Versus 13 is becoming FFIV rumor holds then it'll most likely coincide with the rumor that Sony was assisting them with development and a possible PS4 release. Which obviously leads to its exclusivity. We don't need it; but if exclusive it would deliver a crippling blow to both Xbox One and Wii U.

colonel1791897d ago

FFv13 must remain Playstation exclusive, otherwise is a slap in the face, yet again, to the fans.

izumo_lee1897d ago

I don't think the majority of Xbone gamers really care if the next FF game is exclusive cause they barely cared for the one they got.

The only reason they will care is to stick it to Playstation fans of the series that they 'stole' the game just like they did when FF 13 went multiplat.

Like i said in another post, this E3 is probably the most important one in the history of Squarenix. They really messed up this gen & lost the faith of a lot of their fans. So this announcement will go a long way to win back the trust of FF fans.

solidworm1897d ago

Timed exclusive me thinks.

helghast1021897d ago


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