The Daily Five: Reasons Why This Was the Worst Gen Ever

"For all of those rosy moments and memories, though, there are plenty of things about this console cycle that really sticks in our craw. Stuff that really grinds our gears. Gets our goats, even. As such, it only felt right to reciprocate Monday’s posi vibes and air out our grievances." - Joe Garcia

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thirtyandnerdy2016d ago

I had a lot of fun with the games that came out this generation. However, I also feel like this gen was sort of just a stepping stone for a lot of developers and publishers. Hopefully a lot of the lingering ailments the author has pointed out will come to pass and we can experience the true potential of what it means to game this decade.

Muffins12232016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

This gen lasted to long(8 years) should of ending 2 years ago...but they wanted to extend it with kinect and it forced developers to be held back technically,hopefully the upcoming generation should only last at most 6 years

Septic2015d ago

We got some downright amazing games this gen:

* Halo games
* Left For Dead
* Forza
* Mass Effect
* Oblivion
* Skyrim
* Portal
* Lost Odyssey
* Uncharted
* MGS4
* The Last of Us
* God of War
* Forza
* Call of Duty MW
* Saints Row 1-2
* Crackdown
* Infamous
* Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
* Killzone
* Darksiders
* Tomb Raider
* Mortal Kombat 9
* Street Fighter 4
* Journey, Limbo, Braid etc
* Battlefield 3
* Warhawk
* Fallout
* Borderlands
* Amazing sports games: Fifa, Fight Night etc
* Bioshock
* Assassin's Creed
* Demon Soul

to name a few!

If anything, there were far too many good games! I haven't even played the likes of SSX and some of the ones mentioned above!

Gamers are incredibly spoilt these days.

ltachiUchiha2016d ago

I loved this gen. Alot of great games & still coming.

yugovega2015d ago

too many shooters and classic series like resident evil, silent hill, final fantasy, ghost recon, and splinter cell all went downhill. this gen was good for shooters and thats about it. if you liked anything else it was slim pickings and if you did find a game in the genre you liked it was more then likely a letdown.

Hayabusa 1172015d ago

One word for you: Bayonetta.

sprinterboy2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

"this gen was good for shooters and thats about it"

Heavy rain, flower, super stardust hd,journey, sorcery, portal, dead nation, gran turismo, f1 2011, grid series, wonderbook was good for the kids, batman series, fifa, GoW, NfS, dark souls, fight night, prison break, sly cooper, echochrome, sports champions, dakura, catherine, rayman, MK, castlevania, mirrors edge, dante inferno, ace combat/ flight wargames, dragon ball,TW golf series, LBP/ karting, modnation, ps all stars, ruse, R&C series, Gitar hero and prince of persia just to name a few

edit, maybe your in the wrong hobby dude.

Roper3162015d ago

it's more of a 2 headed beast for me.

Broken incomplete games released at full price. Some may get fixed some may not but they'll all have cash grab over priced DLC for you weather it's playable or not.

valet_Smerdyakov2015d ago

I quite like the current gen, it's brought lots of great new IPs: LBP, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Portal. What I don't like though:
1) no game from team ico this gen
2) no new Persona this gen
3) too many dumb shooters
4) too few RPGs

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