Condemned 2 has a painful glitch: disappearing save games

The game was bloody, scary, and a great time for people who like a little tactical fighting and survival horror in their first-person titles. That is, before the game decided that eating the save-game file was a great idea.

It's a feeling like ice water entering your veins. You restart the console, sign back into your profile, still, no luck. The game wants you to start from the beginning. All that time... just gone. What's even weirder is that the achievements are still there, as are the save game files themselves. Everything is, apparently, sitting happily on my hard drive. The game just refuses to let me begin where I left off. A quick search shows that other people around the Internet are having the same problem.

Note: Issue only confirmed on the 360 version.

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BeaArthur3766d ago

That's interesting I might have to opt for the PS3 version.

KidMakeshift3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I played through the entire game using only one save slot and had no problems

The game plays quite well (I don't think it's as good as the first one): no framerate nor tearing problems. No excessive loads, no collision glitches, etc. I give monolith props for making sturdy games

Maybe it's only older 360's that are having the problem. I just replaced mine with a new one not long ago so...

BeaArthur3766d ago

That's good to know, I also had mine replaced recently, thanks for the update.

THWIP3766d ago

I've got a launch 360, mfd on 8/17/05...about as old as you can get. Not only did I not have a problem with Condemned 2 (played through it, then went back to old saves to work on a few Achievements)...but I've NEVER had a problem, of ANY kind.

Stories like this have no business getting posted, because it's practically an isolated incident. The guy posted a link to a forum, supposedly to back up his claim...and only a few posters of the 3 pages, mentioned having any issues.

Fact is, save glitches are just a part of gaming; happens with PC, and has happened with every console ever made. It doesn't mean a game is broken, just because you encounter a save glitch.

BeaArthur3766d ago

I've acutally never experienced a save glitch since I had a messed up memory card on my PS2. I will probably get the 360 version then if only because the last dual port game I bought (RSV2) didn't turn out so well on the PS3.

KidMakeshift3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

The only glitch I've had of this kind was in Call of Cthulhu for the Xbox

There are certain save points that crash your game if you try to load them

I was so pissed off that I invested 10hrs into the game (which is actually really good I think) then saved on the boat (last chapter of the game) only to have it freeze up and crash on me everytime I try to load

So I guess the moral of this story is to always use at least two save slots when you're playing a game. Oh, and don't spread mustard on the cat.

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Excalibur3766d ago

I played the game through twice and never had a problem.

I can say for a fact that a buddy of mine had a problem with the PS3 version.
I felt horrible after I talked him into buying it.
He said the frame rate was horrible, the graphics weren’t as good and the music locked up while playing.
I thought he was exaggerating until I seen it for myself.
Has anyone had any problems with the PS3 version?

BeaArthur3766d ago

I've only played the demo and I didn't see any issues. That's not suprising though they always whore the PS3 owners.

THWIP3766d ago

...when you port a game to the PS3, that had NO BUSINESS being ported to BEGIN with. All of the work had been done on the PC/360 with the first one, and they only slightly tweaked the engine for Condemned 2. To be honest, I think that's why they screwed up the story so bad in this sequel; they knew the PS3 gamers would have no idea what happened before, so they decided to scrap most everything from the first game. Sadly, this messed the game up beyond resemblance to the first at all. :o

xhairs3766d ago

Does your buddy have any other games like Rainbow 1 or 2? I noticed that my games used to freeze the sound or overlay sounds (one guy talking after his voice stopped moving over another guy talking) This was due in part by a faulty HDD though. I replaced the HDD never had a problem since. Warhawk also had problems with sound overlaying and skipping a lot but still due to the faulty HDD.

If I was your friend I would test more games than this one to see if he has any similar problems, if he does just go buy a 60$ 120gb Scorpio (WD) and replace the one in there now, should fix the problems.

Are you even qualified to make a statement such as that? What gives you the right to think you know what game developers go through? The writers might have made the story line a little easier for the PS3 owners to understand but in fact look at all the other 360 ports, can you say they screwed up? I don't believe the story line in CoD4 was any different due to it's port...get real man all you ever do is post your own opinions. OPEN ZONE -->

rmedtx8883766d ago

I played the game in a PS3 and I didn't have that problem. Maybe if people post in the Sega forums they will release a patch for it.

HolyShib3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Yeah... that happened to me on my X360... luckily I haven't played
it a lot since I bought it...

Oh... my X360 is quiet new - Bought it last December


This totally sucks! I was on the last level of the game and now I can't even access it! Sega better release a patch ASAP! By the way,I didn't have any problems just quitting the game and loading later.Maybe it only happens near the end?

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