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By Daniel Rutledge

A couple of minutes into The Last of Us, I was thinking to myself: why don't they make more games as good as this?

I mean, they can. It is possible. It's just frustratingly rare. And that makes the joy brought from a game that nails it as well as this one all the greater.

The Last of Us is a superb game, a modern masterpiece of interactive storytelling that moved and excited me about as much as I can reasonably expect.

The game is a post-apocalyptic survival story, similar in tone to The Road and Children of Men. Humanity has been nearly wiped out by a devastating fungal infection that causes victims to mutate and become murderously aggressive, while showing no signs of the personality they were before they 'turned'.

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mushroomwig2022d ago

Another perfect, incredible.

NeXXXuS2022d ago

Incredible scores through and through. Keep em coming.

jamz42022d ago

Unless you're Gamespot and you want to stick it to the man. Oh you rebels!

Ezz20132022d ago

OMG!! the game now on metacritc and gamesranking is a 96% it's tie with uncharted 2


ltachiUchiha2022d ago

Yup ideed. Naughty Dog deserves it for working so hard to deliver a new experience. =]

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