Xbox One Kinect: We’re not convinced… yet

X360M - Xbox One is placing its revamped Kinect sensor front and centre, but is that really a good thing? Is the future of gaming really this hybrid vision of Kinect and controller pad?

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thirtyandnerdy2016d ago

"Even if the Kinect bundled with Xbox One is perfect in every way, reading and interpreting our motions perfectly, we still don’t want to use it.

It’s that simple."

Why doesn't Microsoft understand this?

SpinalRemains2016d ago

They do understand this. That's the thing. Its the finer point of the debate, and not to be overlooked.

This is the reason some have labeled it a Trojan horse. It is a data mining unit o your living room, under the guise of a gaming accessory (even though it's a necessity in order to play the One).

It's real purpose is that of a tool which will study your eye movement and keep track of certain words you use so that it can better place ads upon your screen and have them more geared toward the user. That is only the tip of the iceberg.

Seeing as we can all theorize upon a plethora of scenarios, ranging from the mundane to the tin foil hat and the serious; the fact that MS is going to bolt immediately following E3, as to not answer any direct questions, does nothing but reinforce every one of these scenarios.

During a time in which MS needs to be transparent and disclose every fine point of this strange device, they have done nothing but add to the credibility of all the conspiracies.

The same can be said of their DRM plan.

Be afraid.

thirtyandnerdy2016d ago

Interesting theories. Though I've heard murmurings about the potential for spying on consumers and whatnot, I suppose I've never thought about the array of possible uses and outcomes (for mandatory Kinect integration) in such a detailed manner.

I wonder if the general public (as in people who don't frequent gaming forums and websites) are aware of these "features", or if Microsoft is banking on them blindly hooking this box up to their TV without giving it second thought? Sounds likely.

Crazy days.

first1NFANTRY2016d ago

until all consumer rights issues are address i won't be dropping my hard earned cash on the xbone either. we are not sheeple, we are gamers.

Belking2016d ago

Bill Gates doesn't want our money

strigoi8142016d ago

From the start they announced this year back it never interest me at all..never did never was and never will..never ever ever amen..lolz