State of Decay Review | OXM UK

OXM UK: "It's by no means perfect, but Undead Labs has won itself a high level of forgiveness, with an atmospheric world that's as compelling as it is flawed."

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CynicalKelly1692d ago

This game is awesome!

I wish they would make loads of arcade games if they were this fun. Beats half the AAA games I have played lately.

animegamingnerd1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

yeah i just played the trial wish i had the money to buy it it is awesome

Shadonic1692d ago

Dude its so addictive sadly Iv;e already lost 2 of my survivors on the way to loseing 4 possibly :(

SJPFTW1692d ago

This game is just testing the waters really. Undead Labs is planning to make a Zombie Apocolypse MMO

Also they have said in the forums they are waiting the go-ahead from their publisher to make a Co-Op mode for State of Decay, either as DLC or patch it in

Tres211691d ago

man i hope they do i was so hurt when i heard they were droppin it 2 save for class 4 but i was playin it last nite & thats all i kept thinkin was how i could hav my buddy runnin errands 4