Pac-Man Returns to Arcades After 30 Long Years

Hardcore Gamer: The game features just one level, with the goal being to gobble pac-dots and fruits and avoiding the ghosts. Successfully clearing the stage results in the “PAC-POT”, which gives players five seconds to reach the ghost spawn zone to win a random amount of tickets.

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PrimeGrime1991d ago

Oh the days when the only good games you could play were at an Arcade.. Good times. Neo-Geo I will miss you, R.I.P.

Most the arcades in my town have all shutdown. A shame really. The only thing that is open is Dave & Busters and that place is too damn expensive.

rustyspoon801991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Can you remember when consoles strived to be "Arcade Perfect"? It used to be a selling point, that very few actually achieved.
There was a full sized Ridge Racer in our local arcade, cost about £2 a go though. And there was a line of Street Fighter 2 machine, all of which seemed to be different (Turbo, Hyper, Turbo X, Super, Championship Edition).

MWH1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I remember getting Mortal Kombat II on the mega drive to train for the Arcade tournaments held in our local town. the mega drive version was horrible in comparison but it was still a great privilege to play such games in the living room.

the feelings back then were different; everything was new, harder to get and much more exciting.

rustyspoon801990d ago

I used to play MK3 in the arcade and couldn't wait for it to come out on Mega Drive. Think it cost me £49.99. Then about 3 months later I bought a PSX and got it included, so much difference between the versions.