The Last of Us Review: A Story of Stealth and Scavenging | Game Front

Game Front: "The Last of Us is most certainly a game you should play, but despite its major victories and steps forward, many of those same annoying video game conventions — the demand for action and high body counts, the lack of truly engaging and innovative play mechanics — continue to pull games like The Last of Us down toward the lowest common denominator."

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byeGollum1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I love stealth in games. . good times await :)

you won't see any comments here since there's no score, :P

FamilyGuy1933d ago

This review is a bit on the negative side, when they get the time to actually play the multiplayer (which will apparently be after launch) their numerical score will almost certainly be one that brings the meta average down.

They say a lot of good thing but they also mention a lot of bad, nit-picky as they may be.