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There are not enough words or pages on the internet to describe just how good The Last of Us is. All I am going to say is this: why waste time reading about The Last Of Us when you could be playing it.

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dariux321935d ago

Thanks for good advise, now i must to wait, till got my copy of this masterpiece!

MrMushroom1935d ago

fine you have one good exlusive i admit, but we getting a new halo at e3, new forza, new fable, and we've got banjo from nintendo! hahaha

CGI-Quality1935d ago

I don't know whether to laugh at (or with) you.

Gaming4Ever1935d ago

Half of what you said hasn't been confirmed and even if it was, the policies look likely to stay the same - this changes nothing for the Xbox One. Naughty Dog have done a cracking job as usual. Also, trying to insult Nintendo fans as well, eh? We'll see what Retro Studios brings to the table and see how much Nintendo cares then Don.

thetrugamer1935d ago

Haha Don! It clearly is him. Well said 4 Ever!

godofboobees1935d ago

One good exclusive? Lay off the mushrooms bro

Blastoise1935d ago

I'm half tempted to give you a funny bubble

You are kidding right?

Besides those are the same franchise Microsoft aaaalways relies on. It's getting boring now

Ezz20131934d ago

i hope your comment is just a joke and not for real

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abc12331935d ago

That was the most detailed review I have ever read.

ginganinja1935d ago

Daily Mail.
This week;
'not enough words to describe how good the last of us is'

Next week;
'hideously violent videogame, the last of us, the cause of all the worlds troubles... especially those immigrants.'

Pintheshadows1934d ago

I feel dirty as for once I agree with the Mail. I thought they would bash this for its violence but the thing is, it sounds legitimately used. It isn't there for the sake of it so hopefully they won't complain next week.