Critical Consensus: The Last Of Us

GI - It doesn't happen often, but occasionally something comes along that is so brilliant that critics have no choice but to swallow their cynicism, choke back their snark and write about why something is just so goddamned awesome. The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog's newest IP that focuses on human relationships through the prism of a deadly fungal infection, seems to be one of those times.

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Hatsune-Miku2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

the last of us is just another awesome exclusive from sony and just bolster my reasoning to get a ps4 at launch. microsoft is all talk when it comes to exclusive games. ive been hearing for years about how they have amazing exclusives coming out using some amazing engines that will make game look better than killzone 2 and unchated but they were lying. with sony they say a bit but show a lot so its basically a no-brainer to get a ps4 instead of a xbox one at launch. i wont say ill get both also because itll be a waste of time to me to have both. i have a xbox 360 and ps3 and for years it seems like a waste to have a xbox 360. it was basically a talk station because all i did with a lot of my mates was sit in party chat all day while a few people would just play cod.

ps4 first day and i cant wait for the last of us

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

The reviews say it all really , even if there is a few troll reviews all i got to say to them is

guitarded772016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Dude... capitalization and occasional punctuation would make your comment readable.

You could even skip a line once in a while.

I just read your last "sentence" and I agree with that. The Last of Us is a great way to roll into next gen.

darthv722016d ago

I read through Hatsune's post and thought, I agree with the first and last part but all that blah blah in the middle about Ms and the xbone wasnt really needed.

He used the excuse of proclaiming the greatness of this game to shoehorn the personal vendetta against Ms and that didnt need to be done.

this game is getting great scores and that should be the focus. Not bringing up the competition is the way that he did. That is almost disrespectful to the nature of this article. This is about how good the game is not about Ms or the xbox one.

Keep the comments relevant to the topic. Having said that....this game looks to be a fantastic send off for the Ps3 and i look forward to ND next venture on the PS4.

Walker2016d ago

"Of course even Citizen Kane had its haters, and here it's Polygon that drags the metascore down, with Phil Kollar bestowing a lacklustre 7.5 on the game. For comparison, that's the same score he recently gave to Resident Evil: Revelations, and a full point lower than his score for Metro: Last Light."

Greatest part of the article !

Enemy2016d ago

How else is Polygon gonna get hits? They don't realize how dumb they look when they sit at the bottom of the list holding the only 7.5 while everyone else acknowledges the insanely hard work that went into the game. Add Polygon to the group of most useless websites on the net.

_QQ_2016d ago

Their review actually wasn't bad, although i don't think the final score is justified, they did a good job mentioning the few flaws of the game.

OlgerO2016d ago

Cant polygon be removed of the list or something. It seems to be dragging the score down like 0.1 point

dariux322016d ago

Good read, also love this final sentence : 'Overall it seems that not only is The Last Of Us proof that the PlayStation 3 is still a force to be reckoned with, even as its little brother steps into the limelight, but that Sony still knows how to work with a AAA studio to make sure it can produce top quality titles that make its console shine."

Moncole2016d ago

Every hyped game get 10/10 from everyone on release and gets praised a lot but fast forward a few weeks people than see the flaws and say its not the best game ever. Looks at GTA 4, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite and it will happen again with GTA 5.

Brugal2016d ago

I'm literally selling a pair of sunglasses I don't wear anymore to get this game. I don't game as much due to time constraints and financial responsibilities, but I need to play this.