Gamepro Germany- The Last of Us Review

GP:The game is refreshingly consistent. In the heart it is a stealth action title that staged the fight against monsters and numerically superior highwaymen as dramatic cat-and-mouse game. Sofas, walls, chairs, cars - anything that reaches waist height, as coverage is good and thanks to the well-chosen camera angles used to outmaneuver opponents. The only guidance is provided by the "listen" feature that can be seen even through the walls of the positions of opponents. But only if they are noisy. Enemies, like us, lurking in the dark motionless for prey, not seen. So one must always true despite the caution "Cheating". Who has the patience to study the itineraries of his enemies before they strike, can lure enemies sent by thrown bottles and paving stones into the trap.

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DigitalRaptor1992d ago

Before anyone comments on the score, read the content of the review please. They praise it well. Scores have become borderline irrelevant as true indicators of quality. No one pays attention to the content of reviews anymore. The instant gratification the gamers in this industry have come to crave means the score is the only thing that matters to most, which is sad.

The game is a masterpiece.