Is Naughty Dog’s next title hidden in The Last of Us

After playing the recently released demo of The Last of Us, we strolled around the level taking a closer look at some advertisements and pictures that we came across to see what we could uncover.

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Prcko2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Maybe something about DLC?

darthv722019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

maybe this should be a trophy. searching for the hidden connotations about another game coming soon.

it would make exploring more intriguing. you never know what kinds of neat hidden things these devs put in on purpose.

Kennytaur2019d ago

*cough* Arkham Asylum *cough*

gamer422019d ago

They did it with Uncharted 3 (albeit by accident) why not last of us?

geeniusgee6022019d ago

Agreed. The one poster sounds a little like Beyond: Two Souls?

Sketchy_Galore2019d ago

That hint in Uncharted 3 makes me sad. Makes me think both these franchises are set in the same Universe. I don't want to think of poor Nate or Elena having their eyes popped out of their head by the mutant fungus growing in their skull making them kill people but you know the odds are that's what happened to them. Obviously Sully would be fine but the others, I don't like to think about it.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2019d ago

D: That would be awful!! I doubt they are connected though. It was just a fun teaser. Like the precursor egg in Uncharted 1, 2 & 3.

Would be cool to see a non-canon cross-over dlc though. :P

*Clickers storm through door*

Joel: "Ellie Run!"
Nathan : "Oh crap"

soniqstylz2019d ago

I bet Nate's the one who uncovered the fungus among us and started the whole thing.

showtimefolks2019d ago

let me announce it for you guys its uncharted 4, you just can not expect sony to stop making it when the series has done so well

it will be announced on GGTV around the launch of PS4 or maybe at the video games awards

we will start to see these sony teams adding more people and making more teams, ND should have 3 teams and so should SSM

Roper3162019d ago

ND is announcing a new game @ E3. Weather it's UC4 or something completely new that we'll find out. They may possibly have the 2nd team do UC4 while the 1st team creates yet another new IP but for a new gen of consoles.

showtimefolks2019d ago

no way will ND announce anything at E3, its was rumored that they will show something in fall around ps4 launch.

why would they show something new when LOU isn't even out and they don't want to take attention away from their new IP

click disagree all you want but you can not assume sony is done with Uncharted when each game sold better than last and there is a huge fanbase that wants another

Also the director of LOU said if the game is a success than they will look into turning this into a series too

new Ip's are great and all but there is also a huge risk, so sony will show some new Ip's but also expect them to bring some of the old proven gaming series back

Mag 2 anyone?
new socom?

abc12332018d ago

I doubt them announcing something will significantly impact sales. TLOU is probably one of the most highly reviewed and anticipated games this generation and ND teasing a game which has nothing to do with TLOU on a different system isn't going to change that.

sonerone2019d ago

I could imagine at the end of uncharted 4 Drake dies when he tries to stop the bio terrorist who found the killer fungi, that would explain the newspaper in uc3 as well :)

THC CELL2019d ago

There are dates pointing to something in 2013

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