I Never Asked For This: 4 Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating On ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’

FleshEatingZipper writes: Panic! After a small tease yesterday, Square Enix has unveiled Deus Ex: The Fall, an… iPad/iPhone game? Yeah. Turns out fans were none too pleased about the announcement and took to every possible vessel (including YouTube comments!) to vent their frustration. But people should chill. As a long-time Deus Ex fan, it’s time to buckle down and explain to peeps why this is going to be a worthy addition to the franchise.

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zeal0us1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I hope they bring it to Android with controller support. Also bring it to PC.

porkChop1991d ago

It is coming to Android.


See the Android tag?

zeal0us1991d ago

I know its coming to Android but Eidos haven't specify if it comes with controller support

theWB271992d ago

It's not that we're hating on this game...we're hating on hte fact we aren't, as far as we know, getting another full blown Deus Ex game. Why waste creative time with this when they know they already have a best seller waiting to be made. People loved the last game (my top five this gen) so just give us our fix...hopefully next gen.

ScubbaSteve1992d ago

This always happens when companies hype up an announcement for a big franchise and then let it build up only to release a mobile game or some other cash in. It wouldn't happen if developers didn't troll their fanbase.

yugovega1992d ago

maybe "gamers" should just stop hating all together?

Mr_Nuts1991d ago

Why do people think that gamers can't voice their opinions on something they don't like.

If you don't care about this fine, but for people who love Deus Ex and loved Human Revolution it's a bit of a p*** take with what they've done, hyping this up and also wasting time on it when they could of done a sequel by now.

I mean like do people think gamers can't moan/complaining/whine...if someone doesn't like something you complain, it's how people work.

jjw4k1992d ago

But I never asked for it, HOW DARE THEY?!

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The story is too old to be commented.