PR Rules The Next-Gen Race, And The PS4 Is On Top

CCC says: "As expected, the opinionated bunch that is the gamer population has already begun rallying their console morale and taking jabs at the opposition, with their manufacturer’s banner in tow. However, the solution to next-gen divisiveness cannot be reached through familiar tactics. The loyalty of even the most die-hard fanboys has been called into question given the drastic turns that Sony and Microsoft have taken; launch lineups are less first-party based than in the past, so franchise exclusivity is no longer as pivotal, and raw hardware horsepower is no longer relevant given the identical x86 infrastructures of the Xbox One and PS4. As a result, we are left with fewer values with which to critique the two competing systems. After all, we’re still several months away from being able to play them ourselves, but someone has to win, right?"

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saint_seya1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

LOL "launch lineups are less first party" and "hosepower is no longer relevant given the identical x86"..
Alrite, i wont even click on the link... This guy has no clue..

Enemy1994d ago

Gotta love when they purposely ignore that 8GB GDDR5 RAM. PS4 has more memory than Xbox One has in its DDR3 + ESRAM combined, and it was recently reported (reported today, matter of fact) that Microsoft had to under clock the GPU as it was overheating. Specs wise, it's even less comparable to the PS4 now, which I didn't think would happen.

Joke articles are always a good laugh, though.

Saints941994d ago

The summary gave me a nice lol.

kevnb1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Sonys PR is working on those on N4G for sure, but did they really need convincing?
@ below
every console has drm, but so far it hasn't been an always online type of thing.

MysticStrummer1994d ago

I guess the landslide PS4 victories in the GameSpot and IGN polls don't count?

Hicken1994d ago

I love the irony of people like you saying "Only on N4G," while a massive portion of the internet shares the same opinion.

T21994d ago

PR doesn't need to rule when you have blatantly stupid policies like microsoft... waste money on a spycam you force consumers to use, drm with no answers forthcoming, still paying for xbl subscription, etc... An informed consumer can do their own research and don't need "hooray rocket science stuff" PR morons to do it for you.

slampunk1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Sony is definitely winning in the eyes of gamers at the mo...MS has obviously shifted focus though to being an all in one system which has annoyed even some of it's most loyal fans...

I have both current gen systems (which are both great) PS has some great exclusive content but xbox has better online games and services, which is worth $4 a month IMO....Next gen though sony looks to be improving things....PS+ is great and if MS don't up what they are offering next gen gamers will move over the fence.....

I'm at a cross roads though as i am certainly more inclined to get a PS4 first next gen......Sony are addressing my concerns, mainly around online and have done a stellar job so far....

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