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Accelerated Ideas writes: "If you thought the current generation of console games couldn't get any better then I'm sorry but you're sorely wrong. The Last of Us, a PS3 exclusive, has smashed expectations and attained perfect scores from the large majority of review sites."

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Ezz20132015d ago

just stop ...plz i can't handle the wait till 14th

o-Sunny-o2015d ago

Another well executed review. ND rules!! ^~^

o-Sunny-o2015d ago

Last of Us NOW!!!!!
IGN 10/10
Eurogamer 10/10
Eurogamer IT/Sp 10/10
Edge 10/10
CVG 10/10
Destructoid 10/10
Machinima 10/10
Adam Sessler 5/5
thesixaxis 10/10
Gamereactor 10/10
VideoGamer 10/10
ibtimes 10/10
PS-Lifestyle 10/10
Digital Spy 10/10
Digital Fix 10/10
Post Arcade 10/10
speciogames 10/10
Gamingbolt 10/10
Godisageek 10/10
OPM 10/10
Pushsquare 10/10
PS-Nation 10/10
Giantbomb 5/5
Techdigest 5/5
Gamesradar 5/5
TheMirror 5/5
Guardian 5/5
Telegraph 5/5
Gameblog 5/5

desmeu2015d ago

there'll be one ass who thinks big of himself, then he'll give like a "2" or something. Then 10 minutes later he'll lose his job

and no happy ever after for him. :)

TongkatAli2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Why do people support Sony again ? Clearly i'm making a joke :/

Seraphemz2015d ago

You do have one website that thinks that this is a 7.5 game. Polygon... crap site.

NOT just cause of this review, I thought that since they reviewed Ni No Kuni and gave it 6.5....

Pintheshadows2015d ago

Giving Ni No Kuni a 6.5 is criminal. In my dystopian future world that crime would be punishable by death.

GdaTyler2015d ago

Meanwhile Tom McShea gives this an 8/10. That guy should stop reviewing games.

Anyways, these perfect scores were expected. This is a masterpiece of a game indeed. Can't wait to play it. :O

davekaos2015d ago

That is just insane!!!

God i wish i still had my PS3, who wants to lend me some £$£$ lol

GenericNameHere2015d ago

I'm betting Tom Chick will have the LOWEST SCORE for this game. Any takers? I'll... Uh... I only have a penny. I can give you an imaginary virtual penny...

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Drakesfortune2015d ago

this game ticks all the boxes when it comes to the FPS/survival horror genre. It takes Resident Evil and pisses all over it. - love this quite

Williamson2015d ago

Replayed the demo and took everyone down with stealth... Such a satisfaction doing it that way.