FIFA 14 official gameplay trailer coming tomorrow June 6

BehindGames writes: EA Sports announced on its official Facebook page that the official gameplay trailer for its upcoming game "FIFA 14" will be released tomorrow June 6.

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US8F1991d ago

The same day as Konami's pre-E3. They are trying to destroy Pes 14's thunder. Lets hope so innovation instead of the same rehash with better textures. Fox engine and Ignite engine go head to head

1991d ago
NYC_Gamer1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

FIFA 14 will sell because it will be the only official licensed game with all the clubs and etc available next gen

valormeer1991d ago

I'll be sitting there tomorrow and then I'll watch it and be like " Yup It's Football.." Then close the video and never look at it again.

OrangePowerz1991d ago

Wow a gameplay trailer for a football game how exciting. (sarcasm)