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When the final credits of The Last of Us scrolls across the screen, it takes a little time to recover from this adventure that it was simultaneously the actor and the spectator. An
incredible feeling of having experienced the fate of the protagonists, like in the movies, but with a joystick in hand.


Some source says that this is First 20/20 score in magazine History

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DeletedAcc1691d ago

Some source says that this is First 20/20 score in magazine History


1691d ago
GdaTyler1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

WOW yet another 10/10 score for Last of Us. Great job NaughtyGODS!

I just wanted to point out that the Last of Us scored 8/10 in Gamespot. I know of one guy in Gamespot who always reviews awesome games badly and Tom McShea came to mind. When I checked it was actually him! That guy is an utter asshole, seriously. He should be fired. A game that got 10/10 everywhere else but he once again wants to be controversial? OMG I hate that guy! I'm sure others agree.

Karpetburnz1691d ago

I know right, have you checked out the fanboys on gamespot bashing TLOU based on that 1 review?

GdaTyler1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Most gamespot users are total airhead fanboy morons who just like to say a pile of nonsense based off of what they read.

Here's an example of a commenter defending McSHIT

HardcoreGR 2 minutes ago
To those of you trolling:
2)ALL 10/10 Reviews are A FAIL. Gamespot at least knows how to be strict. Graphics are not what expected and gameplay has issues at some parts.
3) ps. From a journalist that played the game and just wrote a review!

That retarded user actually thinks that that asshole Tom McShea represents all the reviewers even though Gamespot is trash anyways. Anyways f*ck Tom McShea and those Gamespot users.

dariux321691d ago

This review score surprised me to. Yesterday i guested that GameSpot will give 10/10 as in 2008 gave to GTA4 and MGS4.Unfortunately :( , But we all saw unbelievable thing EDGE gave 10 :) just wow. By the way today i preodered Joel's edition and changed my psn avatar... in to Joel... to celebrate so much perfect scores. I know it's weird but i have a feeling that this game is something... unbelievable. and gaming industry finaly have it's own Citisien Kane.

GenericNameHere1691d ago

8 isn't that bad. But I've never liked Gamespot since I heard of the Kane and Lynch fiasco. I still feel butthurt about that particular payed review. Now Polygon. They're funded by Microsoft. And wanna know a person WORSE than McShea? Tom Chick. I'm not the biggest Halo fanboy, but that game is not worth a 1/5. A 1/5 implies that game was broken, near unplayable, has no memorable moments, not fun, stupid and junk, and everything negative.

10/10 reviews aren't "fail" reviews. Perfect scores don't necessarily mean the game IS perfect, just that it gets so close to perfection, that rating it lower would be a disgrace to such a magnitude of a game. It's not like school, where a 100% means perfect because the answers are fact and correct. When reviewing media, there are different factors that makes a game "near perfect", including not overstaying your welcome (ie perfect game length without making you feel bored), a good story, graphics that matches the atmosphere of your game, and most important of all, the gameplay. These factors aren't fact, but rather guidelines to making a great game.

dariux321691d ago

Man, i like your comment. Nice written.

o-Sunny-o1691d ago

IGN 10/10
Eurogamer 10/10
Eurogamer IT/Sp 10/10
Edge 10/10
CVG 10/10
Destructoid 10/10
Machinima 10/10
Adam Sessler 5/5
thesixaxis 10/10
Gamereactor 10/10
VideoGamer 10/10
ibtimes 10/10
PS-Lifestyle 10/10
Digital Spy 10/10
Digital Fix 10/10
Post Arcade 10/10
speciogames 10/10
Gamingbolt 10/10
Godisageek 10/10
OPM 10/10
Pushsquare 10/10
PS-Nation 10/10
Giantbomb 5/5
Techdigest 5/5
Gamesradar 5/5
TheMirror 5/5
Guardian 5/5
Telegraph 5/5
Gameblog 5/5

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