The Last of Us Review: One of the best stories to be told on the PS3 | The Slanted

There are the tinniest, most well thought-out moments during the story of ‘The Last of Us’. They are engraved into the narrative, crafted to be remembered and special. The kind of moments you remember not because you were playing, but because you experienced something inspiring.

The backbone, the structure, the support of this story is all built on the pacing. There are earth-shacking moments when everything is hopeless, when violence and despair and all of the worst of humanity takes center-stage, but it’s the quiet breaks and the almost sterile environments that Joel and Ellie find together that create the perfect balance for those moments.

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Ezz20132017d ago

i'm incredibly happy right now with all this praise
and dat metascore
can't wait

WalterWJR2017d ago

This game makes me proud to be named Joel.

whyisthehorsestaring2017d ago

Do you like breakfast by any chance?.

Perjoss2017d ago

"One of the best stories"

This is what its all about for me. How so many big devs get this part so wrong is a mystery to me. Maybe they think gamers dont really care about story and just wanna blow stuff up, well I think they are wrong.

Well done ND

jjb19812017d ago

It's all about the story. Story mode first!