Three Things Microsoft Must Do At E3 2013

Gamers-Association editor Jay Curtis discusses what he think Microsoft must do at this year's E3.

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golding892018d ago

They just have to show games..That's it.

Everything else will fall in place.

Godmars2902018d ago

"Everything else will fall in place."

Except online and DRM.

There's also going to be differences of live and recorded footage, especially with Kinect, that's going to be argued well after the system and the announced games are released.

abzdine2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

thank you, that's what i was about to say..
MS are playing people and i hope people would be smart enough to distinguish live from pre-recorded stuff. They did it 2 years ago with the cirque du soleil Kinect reveal and they kept doing it for all their presentations.

They recently cancelled the after conference round table with journalists for a reason

The May 21st reveal was pre-recorded from they started til they finished and even the clapping was fake and the "wouhouuu" screams as well cause i dont see who would scream Wouhou after they show lame TV stuff and a Halo TV series especially that everyone would find it on YouTube same day it lands on the Live.

dedicatedtogamers2018d ago

People need to realize something:

Microsoft's bad conference and the horrible PR after the conference was the direct consequence of the changes that have been going on within the Xbox division over the last 4 years.

If you are still holding out hope for E3 and thinking "oh, Microsoft made an ooopsie", you are wrong. This is the result of when your Xbox division loses every single key player who helped build the Xbox brand. This is the result of when the Xbox division gets turned over to Ballmer to use for his own company-wide plans (he visited Hollywood earlier this week to court movie/TV studios to support XBox One, by the way).

The May 21st conference was not an oopsie. It was not an accident. It was not a surprise. The only surprise was the violent reaction against it, but Microsoft has been going down this road for YEARS.

MikeMyers2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You are trying way too hard. Don't buy an Xbox One if you don't like the direction MS is taking, simple. Instead you've been flooding the forums trying to tell us how things are, like you know something that not everyone else already knows.

Three things they should/must do.

1. Show compelling games. That's what people care about. Not the fear-mongering, not the drama that goes on daily on N4G that's been going on for over 4 years. Show compelling games and the consumer will gravitate to them. Over 10 million people bought Diablo III, a game that is more restrictive than what MS is proposing for the Xbox One. Again, consumers will pay for what they want, regardless of your tactics, regardless of your futile attempts to petition against them.

2. Clarify how the system works, how the games will link to your profile, the convenience factor, what cloud gaming and instant access means, how the used market will be applied. Show a demonstration of how it will all work. We know live demonstrations are hard to create and the Xbox One isn't finalized yet. Still, we need to see it in action applied to just games. The new Live features, the social aspect, how it all translates to the gamer.

3. Show why Kinect was such an important part of the hardware since it will be included in every package. Show how it actually helps games this time and the mistakes the original Kinect made or couldn't possibly do. Shut the critics up who have simply moved on from it has too much lag, can't see in the dark, can only track two people to those now who fear-monger privacy concerns. If it's compelling the critics will be shut down quickly.

People keep talking about how the Xbox brand has lost its way with real gamers. They need to show they haven't. This won't shut up the trolls who have made a career out of trolling but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. They were never going to be a customer in the first place and are interested in creating a negative image more than actually enjoying the system(s) they plan to support.

Isn't it interesting those who post non-stop about how bad the Xbox One and telling people not to buy it are also the same people who posted non-stop about how bad the Xbox 360 is?

swansong2018d ago

1. Tell the truth
2. Spill there guts about everything with the whole online/drm/used game policy.
3.Reveal some mind blowing exclusives for its Xbox1.

Though I enjoy my 360 and ps3,I will be purchasing the Ps4 first and maybe only the PS4.

Wizziokid2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

1] Shows games not CGI

2] Don't talk about TV TV TV TV SPORTS TV TV TV TV

3] Focus Less on Kinect 2, we Know it's coming and sure show us the games but don't give pointless staged/fake demos.

abzdine2017d ago

they haven't talked about Kinect at their reveal so i'm expecting half the conference to turn around Kinect games and how mindblowing it is to control TV with it. This plus some CGI and pre-recordrd demos.. All i hope is people wouldn't be as stupid as they were 2 years ago with the Natal hype and the first Kinect reveal.


all microsoft needs to do to save its own e3 is to keep totally quiet about all the shady things its been doing with the xboner so far. keep the americans entertained with its talks of exclusive call of duty content and nfl tv and theyll flock right to it.
i really hope the xboner doesnt take off in america simply because the 360 was the call of duty machine of choice. hoping we can go back to the old days, where we bought consoles based on power and game selection. not brand recognition.
anyway, i would just love to see sony pull a complete call out on microsofts bull. state in plain english that these guys block used games and we dont. seems shady, but what microsofts been doing is nothing short of idiotic. somebody needs to call them out on this, really really badly. dirty tactic, but what ms is doing is dirtier.

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