Ignorance Killed the Video Game

Alex Yusupov at writes: "I simply love this generation's uneducated adults. You know, the ones that fail so often, they end up blaming other people for their own problems. Parents are a great example. Their blaming of media for their children's problems has not only become a force of habit, but a routine. Back in the day, it was movies and music that were the targets of scrutiny. Now, the blame game has evolved into the current ethical "problems" that are present in the video game industry..."

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roflcopterattack3768d ago

i know, right? seriously these parents need to get a grip!

FlyWestbrook3768d ago

Yeah have to agree there. I do believe they are kind of screwing up this industry. Oh well, this current wave of youth who played games and have grown up with them will be running the world in 20-30 years anyways.

linkofhyrule0073768d ago

This is one of the biggest reasons games are getting such a bad rap in the media - parents just aren't doing their jobs as parents anymore...